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docker-machine-nfs - Activates NFS on docker-machine

  •    Shell

Activates NFS for an existing boot2docker box created through Docker Machine.Heavily inspired by @mattes ruby version boot2docker-nfs.rb.

docker-unison - A docker data container using Unison for fast folder sync

  •    Shell

A docker volume container using Unison for fast two-way folder sync. Created as an alternative to slow boot2docker volumes on OS X.First, you can launch a volume container exposing a volume with Unison.

docker-s3-volume - Docker container with a data volume from s3.

  •    Shell

Creates a Docker container that is restored and backed up to a directory on s3. You could use this to run short lived processes that work with and persist data to and from S3. This will download the data from the S3 location you specify into the container's /data directory. When the container shuts down, the data will be synced back to S3.

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