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blockbridge-docker-volume - Blockbridge volume plugin for Docker

  •    Ruby

The Blockbridge volume plugin is available as a "Managed Docker Plugin" for Docker 1.13+ and as a "Legacy Plugin" for Docker 1.12 and earlier. Both options run as a container. The Managed plugin is preferred, as installation and lifecycle management of the plugin is taken care of by Docker natively. The Blockbridge Managed Volume Plugin is available both on the Docker Hub and the Docker Store as a Docker Certified Plugin.Why use a Blockbridge storage backend? Blockbridge enables tenant isolation, automated provisioning, encryption, secure deletion, snapshots and QoS for any storage backend: on local storage or with any storage vendor over any protocol.

gcs - Gluster Container Storage

  •    Ruby

As of now, one can already use Gluster as storage for containers by making use of different projects available in github repositories associated with Gluster (especially GlusterD1) & Heketi through gluster-kubernetes . The goal of the GCS initiative is to provide a new stack ( especially with GD2, gluster-csi-driver ) focused on easier integration, much more opinionated bases install, a better upgrade experience to deploy Gluster for container storage. We are primarily focused on integration with Kubernetes (k8s) through this initiative. The deploy/ directory contains instructions for installing GCS, either in a Vagrant-based test environment, or on your own cluster.

fog-openstack - Fog for OpenStack Platform

  •    Ruby

This is the plugin Gem to talk to OpenStack clouds via fog. The main maintainers for the OpenStack sections are @dhague, @Ladas, @seanhandley, @mdarby and @jjasghar. Please send CC them on pull requests.