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This is a module for Orchard CMS which implements authentication with OAuth providers like Yandex, Mail.RU, VKontakte and Odniklassniki

LastFmTop Downloader

  •    CSharp

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VK Quick Image Uploader


Help to quickly uppload print-screen, clipboard or file-based image to vkontakte.ru hosting services

VkAPI C# Wrapper

  •    DotNet

VkAPI C# Wrapper

VkApiPHP - [Abandoned] Library for work with API Vk.com

  •    PHP

I already did some wrappers just for you, if you wanna more, please do and pull request but you still can don't use them, or use something like this. That us long polling shiet, it works like a hell, as fast as you can see.

ngx-avatar - Universal avatar component for angular 2+ applications makes it possible to fetch / generate avatar from different sources

  •    TypeScript

A universal avatar component for Angular 2+ applications that fetches / generates avatar based on the information you have about the user. The component has a fallback system that if for example an invalid Facebook ID is used it will try google ID and so on.You can use this component whether you have a single source or a multiple avatar sources. In this case the fallback system will fetch the first valid avatar.

govkbot - VK bot package for Go

  •    Go

This is simple VK.com bot API.For work you need get VK access token with rights: messages,friends,offline (see below).

passport-vkontakte - VK.com authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Passport strategy for authenticating with VK.com using the OAuth 2.0 API. This module lets you authenticate using VK.com in your Node.js applications. By plugging into Passport, VK.com authentication can be easily and unobtrusively integrated into any application or framework that supports Connect-style middleware, including Express.

vk-client - VK.com API wrapper module for Node.js

  •    CSS

VK-Client is an implementation of VK.com aka ВКонтакте (VKontakte) API for Node. This module was written as a quick and dirty hack and was never meant to be usable. Frankly, it's quite stupid. Its API is ugly, it can't do Node streams and OAuth.

ueberauth_vk - vk.com OAuth2 Strategy for Überauth.

  •    Elixir

VK OAuth2 strategy for Überauth. We support elixir versions 1.4 and above.

omniauth-vkontakte - Unofficial VKontakte strategy for OmniAuth

  •    Ruby

This is the unofficial OmniAuth strategy for authenticating to VKontakte via OAuth. To use it, you'll need to sign up for an OAuth2 Application ID and Secret on the Vkontakte Developers Page. OmniAuth::Strategies::Vkontakte is simply a Rack middleware.

vkontakte - A Ruby wrapper for the Vkontakte API

  •    Ruby

Вам необходимо зарегистрировать свое приложение, чтобы использовать все возможности API ВКонтакте. Нужно выбрать Standalone-приложение.

vk-ruby - Ruby wrapper for vk.com API

  •    Ruby

Ruby wrapper for vk.com API. Documentation. To get started, you need to register with vk.com own application and get the keys and read VK API documentation.

node-vk-call - Simple API wrapper for VK.com social network

  •    Javascript

Simple API wrapper for VK.com social network. Inspired by node-vk-sdk. Single api call, returns promise.

vk-api-schema - JSON Schema of VK API

  •    Javascript

This repository contains JSON Schema documents explaining all the VK.COM API objects and methods mentioned here. These schemes are compatible with JSON Schema version draft-06 and VK API version 5.80.

VKUI - VKUI – это набор React-компонентов, с помощью которых можно создавать интерфейсы, внешне неотличимые от наших iOS и Android приложений

  •    Javascript

VKUI – это набор React-компонентов, с помощью которых можно создавать интерфейсы, внешне неотличимые от наших iOS и Android приложений.

nodejs-vksdk - NodeJS SDK for vk.com

  •    Javascript

Small SDK for vk.com API. For vk.com API requests you have to use method request(_method, _requestParams, _response).

node-vk-sdk - Typescript SDK for VK Api

  •    TypeScript

This assumes you are using npm as your package manager. If you don’t, you can access these files on unpkg, download them, or point your package manager to them. lang? - Determines the language for the data to be displayed on. For example country and city names. If you use a non-cyrillic language, cyrillic symbols will be transtiterated automatically en – English, ru – Russian, ua – Ukrainian, be – Belorussian, es – Spanish, fi – finnish, de – German, it – Italian. Numeric format from account.getInfo is supported as well.

react-native-vkontakte-login - React native wrapper around VK iOS/Adnroid SDK

  •    Objective-C

This module is a wrapper around native VK SDKs for Android (VK, github) and iOS (VK, github). It allows to log in to VK and obtain access token, which you can later use to make VK API calls.