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vite_ruby - ⚡️ Vite.js in Ruby, bringing joy to your JavaScript experience

  •    Ruby

This repo contains libraries that will allow you to easily integrate Vite in your favourite Ruby framework, such as Rails or Hanami. Vite does not bundle your code during development, which means the dev server is extremely fast to start, and your changes will be updated instantly.

k-ui-dashboard-vue - WIP

  •    Vue

Responsive admin dashboard template built with tailwindcss & vuejs 3

tailwind-boilerplate - Tailwind CSS + Vite Boilerplate

  •    HTML

Setting up a tailwind css based project needs to install the tailwindcss npm package, postcss and autoprefixer - it also requires to configure a tailwind.config.js as well as postcss.config.js (optional, if you're planning to use postcss) and then configure those files manually. Use this boilerplate as the starting point for your JAMstack + Tailwind CSS based projects.

jekyll-vite - ⚡️🩸 Use Vite.js in Jekyll as your assets pipeline

  •    Ruby

This integration is powered by Vite Ruby. Jekyll does not have an extensible asset pipeline, which limits the amount of integrations that exist for different languages and preprocessors. By default, assets are not fingerprinted which is problematic for caching.

js_from_routes - 🛣️ Generate path helpers and API methods from your Rails routes

  •    Ruby

JS From Routes generates path helpers and API methods from your Rails routes, allowing you to be more productive and prevent routing-related errors. Since code generation is fully customizable it can be used in very diverse scenarios.

vite-plugin-full-reload - ♻️ Automatically reload the page when files are modified

  •    Javascript

When using Vite Ruby, I wanted to see changes to server-rendered layouts and templates without having to manually reload the page. Also, in JS From Routes path helpers are generated when Rails reload is triggered.

vite-plugin-stimulus-hmr - ⚡️ HMR for Stimulus controllers in Vite.js

  •    TypeScript

This plugin for Vite.js provides HMR for Stimulus controllers, allowing you to tweak your code without having to wait for the page to refresh. Changes to Stimulus controllers don't require a full page refresh.

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