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rete - JavaScript framework for visual programming and creating node editor

  •    Javascript

Rete is a modular framework for visual programming. Rete allows you to create node-based editor directly in the browser. You can define nodes and workers that allow users to create instructions for processing data in your editor without a single line of code. Check the docs and learn about the components and capabilities.


  •    Javascript

A library in Javascript to create graphs in the browser similar to Unreal Blueprints. Nodes can be programmed easily and it includes an editor to construct and tests the graphs. It can be integrated easily in any existing web applications and graphs can be run without the need of the editor.

VL.OpenCV - A VL wrapper for OpenCVSharp

  •    CSharp

A VL wrapper for OpenCV based on OpenCVSharp3-AnyCPU and also using DirectShowLib. in VisualStudio and build it. This is necessary for a few things that cannot yet be expressed in vl directly, like dynamic enums and static readonly instances of things.

skov - A visual programming environment.

  •    Factor

Skov is a visual programming environment based on Factor. A functional program can be thought of as a tree (actually a graph) in which functions are connected together on several levels. Commonly used programming languages have to make more or less compromises to represent this tree as a one-dimensional stream of text. Skov uses a visual, two-dimensional representation to display the tree direcly. This makes the program easier to read and to reason about and reduces the risk of making mistakes. Skov lets you see a functional program as it really is.

pixie - Unofficial rewrite of Scratch in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

An unofficial rewrite of Scratch in JavaScript. Pixie aims to provide an application nearly identical to the current, Flash-based Scratch editor and player using only web technologies.

slang - SLANG engine written in Go

  •    Go

Slang is a visual flow-based programming language and programming system. It consists of the YAML-based Slang exchange format, the Slang daemon and the Slang UI. Slang daemon is the service which serves the user web interface (Slang UI) and runs all your operators. You don't need anything else to start working with Slang, so this here is the place to start.

rosmaro - Visual automata-based programming in functional JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Reacting to the same action in different ways due to what happened in the past may be a challenge. Get Rosmaro using npm: npm i rosmaro.

OM6 - The OpenMusic visual programming / computer-aided composition environment

  •    Common

OpenMusic (OM) is a visual programming language based on Lisp. Visual programs are created by assembling and connecting icons representing functions and data structures. Most programming and operations are performed by dragging an icon from a particular place and dropping it to an other place. Built-in visual control structures (e.g. loops) are provided, that interface with Lisp ones. OM may be used as a general purpose functional/object/visual programming language. At a more specialized level, a set of provided classes and libraries make it a very convenient environment for music composition. Above the OpenMusic kernel, live the OpenMusic Projects. A project is a specialized set of classes and methods written in Lisp, accessible and visualisable in the OM environment. Various classes implementing musical data / behaviour are provided. They are associated with graphical editors and may be extended by the user to meet specific needs. Different representations of a musical process are handled, among which common notation, midi piano-roll, sound signal. High level in-time organisation of the music material is proposed through the concept of "maquette".

om7 - A new implementation of the OpenMusic language and environment

  •    Common

OM7 is a new implementation of the OpenMusic visual programming and computer-aided composition environment.

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