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Stevia - :leaves: Healthy Autolayout Sugar

  •    Swift

In the project folder, you can find an example of a typical login view laid out in both native and Stevia for you to understand and compare the two approaches.


  •    Javascript

AutoLayout.js implements Apple's Auto Layout and Visual Format Language in Javascript. Auto layout is a system which lets you perform lay out using mathematical relationships (constraints). It uses the awesome Cassowary.js library to do the actual constraint resolving and implements Apple's constraint system and Visual Format Language (vfl) on top of that. It supports the Extended VFL syntax, including view-stacks and z-indexing. AutoLayout.js is an abstract library for integrating Auto Layout and VFL into other javascript technologies. It provides a simple API and programming model that you can use to build your own auto layout and VFL solution. A simple example of this is, is using position: absolute; to lay out DOM elements. A more elobarate example of this is the Visual Format Editor, which is built using famo.us and famous-flex. AutoLayout.js is written in ES6 and contains transpiled distribution files.

visualformat-editor - Editor & previewer for Apple's Visual Format Language (built with autolayout

  •    Javascript

The Visual Format Editor allows you to parse and preview Apple's Visual Format Language. It is built using Cassowary.js, AutoLayout.js, famo.us and famous-flex. Meta-info is also processed by renderers. If you want to set the meta-info only for previewing purposes, then prefix it with a -. The following example sets the max-width and max-height for previewing a mobile layout. The actual layout renderer will ignore this meta-info.

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