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  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin that adds a CSS class to selected elements when they have been scrolled into the viewport for the first time.

egjs-visible - A class that checks if an element is visible in the base element or viewport.

  •    HTML

A class that checks if an element is visible in the base element or viewport.

angular-scroll-animate - An Angular

  •    Javascript

An Angular.js directive which allows you to perform any javascript actions (in the controller, or on the element) when an element is scrolled into or out of, the users viewport, without requiring any other dependencies.The goal of this directive is to be small and focused around behaviour that changes when scrolled in and out of view, without requiring jQuery. You can add / remove CSS classes in the callbacks, or execute any arbitrary javascript you want such as pre-loading of data, images or anything else.

react-component-visibility - For when your components need to know whether users can see them or not

  •    Javascript

A mixin for determining whether a component is visible to the user or not. Versions below v1.0.0 use the React namespace, v1.0.0 and later use ReactDOM instead, which means if you're using an older version of React, you may need to handpick the version you want to use.

react-intersection-observer - React component for the Intersection <Observer /> API

  •    Javascript

React Intersection Observer is a React component, acting as a wrapper for the IntersectionObserver API. It is fully declarative and takes care of all the imperative parts for you.

jquery-inview - jQuery plugin allowing you to specify a callback to execute when an element is scrolled into view

  •    Javascript

This is a simple plugin I've thrown together for my blog/personal site, where I use it to defer the loading of Disqus comments. This script can be used to defer the loading of third party plugins, scripts, or anything else you want to do once elements have come into view. The plugin uses jQuery's Deferred Object API.

console-log-div - Clones console

  •    Javascript

Clones console.log calls to a created div in the page. Great for demos and experiments. The created element will have class .console-log-div and id console-log-div thus you can style it. The inner text will has id console-log-text.

nginx-location-match-visible - :beers: help you understand how does nginx location match works:)

  •    Javascript

A location can either be defined by a prefix string, or by a regular expression. Regular expressions are specified with the preceding “ *” modifier (for case-insensitive matching), or the “” modifier (for case-sensitive matching). To find location matching a given request, nginx first checks locations defined using the prefix strings (prefix locations). Among them, the location with the longest matching prefix is selected and remembered. Then regular expressions are checked, in the order of their appearance in the configuration file. The search of regular expressions terminates on the first match, and the corresponding configuration is used. If no match with a regular expression is found then the configuration of the prefix location remembered earlier is used. location blocks can be nested, with some exceptions mentioned below.

react-native-scroll-into-view - Permit to scroll a ReactNative View into the visible screen

  •    Javascript

Permit to scroll a ReactNative View into the visible portion of the screen (ScrollView). Simple port of DOMElement.scrollIntoView() function, with some extra useful features.

vue-visible - v-visible directive for VueJS

  •    Javascript

This plugins adds a v-visible directive (similar to the native v-show) that changes the visibility style of the applied element (hidden or visible).

react-intersection-visible-hook - React Hook to track the visibility of a functional component

  •    Javascript

React hook to track the visibility of a functional component based on IntersectionVisible Observer. In the following example we changed the background color of the body depending on the visibility of the blue box.

visible-grid - Design and develop with a visible grid

  •    Javascript

visible-grid makes it easier to develop and design beautiful web applications by making your grid system visible while you work. See the demo. The easiest way to use it is via the bookmarklet available here.

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