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runtime - OCI (Open Containers Initiative) compatible runtime using Virtual Machines

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cc-runtime is the next generation of Intel® Clear Containers runtime. This tool, henceforth referred to simply as "the runtime", builds upon the virtcontainers project to provide a high-performance standards-compliant runtime that creates hardware-virtualized containers which leverage Intel's VT-x technology.

cc-oci-runtime - OCI (Open Containers Initiative) compatible runtime for Intel® Architecture

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Now that the next-generation runtime has been released, this project is now in maintenance mode. All users are encouraged to switch to the new cc-runtime runtime. Installation and upgrade information is available on the new runtime's wiki.

vic - Integrated containers engine on vSphere

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vSphere Integrated Containers Engine (VIC Engine) is a container runtime for vSphere, allowing developers familiar with Docker to develop in containers and deploy them alongside traditional VM-based workloads on vSphere clusters, and allowing for these workloads to be managed through the vSphere UI in a way familiar to existing vSphere admins.See VIC Engine Architecture for a high level overview.

doc-sle - Official SUSE Linux Enterprise documentation


This is the source for the official SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE Leap documentation. Released versions of the SLE documentation are published at https://www.suse.com/documentation/, the openSUSE Leap documentation can be found at http://doc.opensuse.org/.

docker-box - Web Interface to manage full blown docker containers and images.

  •    Python

Consider a server with multiple IP Addresses, we create virtual machines, assign IP addresses to these machines, provide access to users etc.., most of the time the purpose of these virtual machines is to deploy applications eigther for testing or production. In the case of testing we aren't bothered about security or reliability of the host on which the application is running, so all that matters is time to setup testing environment, make backups, resetting the environment and so on. So in this scenerio running docker containers from images which has init system is a best substitute for virtual machines. docker-box is created to implement above use case using django for web interface and docker enginer api to manage docker. UI to run containers easily.

core - Eru, a simple, stateless, flexible, production-ready orchestrator designed to easily integrate into existing workflows

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Eru is a stateless, flexible, production-ready cluster scheduler designed to easily integrate into existing workflows. Eru can run any containerized things in long or short time. This project is Eru Core. The Core use for resource allocation and manage containers lifetime. Run make deps for generating vendor dir.

oswitch - Provides access to complex Bioinformatics software (even BioLinux!) in just one command.

  •    Ruby

The net effect is similar to entering "virtual environment" on the host system containing specific versions of software of interest. oswitch first requires a working docker installation.