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firecracker - Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.

  •    Rust

Our mission is to enable secure, multi-tenant, minimal-overhead execution of container and function workloads. Read more about the Firecracker Charter here.

libvirt-rpc - Pure rust implementation of libvirt protocol (no C bindings required) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  •    Rust

Pure rust implementation of libvirt protocol (no C bindings required). This repository contains xdr protocol definitions from libvirt repository licensed under LGPL. IANAL, but it seems like it makes it LGPL.

libhermit-rs - A Rust-based Unikernel for Cloud and High-Performance Computing

  •    Rust

HermitCore is a new unikernel targeting a scalable and predictable runtime for high-performance and cloud computing. HermitCore extends the multi-kernel approach (like McKernel) with unikernel features for a better programmability and scalability for hierarchical systems. We decided to develop a version of the kernel in Rust called HermitCore-rs. We promise that this will make it easier to maintain and extend our kernel. All code beside the kernel can still be developed in your preferred language (C/C++/Go/Fortran).

hypervisor-rs - Rust API to the OS X Hypervisor framework for hardware-accelerated virtualization

  •    Rust

hypervisor is a Rust library that taps into functionality that enables hardware-accelerated execution of virtual machines on OS X. It binds to the Hypervisor framework on OS X, and exposes a safe Rust interface through the hypervisor module, and an unsafe foreign function interface through the hypervisor::ffi module.

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