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FairyGUI-unity - A flexible UI framework for Unity

  •    CSharp

By using FairyGUI Editor, you can build a variety of complex game interface without writing code or any configuration files. Support Unity、Cocos2dx、Cry Engine、 Havok Vision/Project Anarchy、Egret、LayaAir、Haxe、Pixi、Flash、Starling,and Unreal、LibGDX、Three.js in the future. Compared with traditional Unity UI engines such as NGUI and UGUI, FairyGUI uses a way of thinking closer to the designer to redefine the production process of the UI, which greatly reduces the time the programmer needs to invest in making the UI.

vue-virtual-scroll-list - A vue component that support big data list with high scroll performance.

  •    Javascript

If you are looking for a vue component which support big data list and high scroll performance, you are in the right place. Tiny and very very easy to use.

virtual-list - 🧾 React Virtual List Component which worked with animation

  •    TypeScript

React Virtual List Component which worked with animation. children provides additional props argument to support IE 11 scroll shaking. It will set style to visibility: hidden when measuring. You can ignore this if no requirement on IE.

iron-list - Element for a virtual, "infinite" list

  •    Javascript

iron-list displays a virtual, 'infinite' list. The template inside the iron-list element represents the DOM to create for each list item. The items property specifies an array of list item data. For performance reasons, not every item in the list is rendered at once; instead a small subset of actual template elements (enough to fill the viewport) are rendered and reused as the user scrolls. As such, it is important that all state of the list template be bound to the model driving it, since the view may be reused with a new model at any time. Particularly, any state that may change as the result of a user interaction with the list item must be bound to the model to avoid view state inconsistency.

vue-virtualscroll - Vuejs library for virtual scrolling

  •    Javascript

Fell free to use complex template for items, all you need is height.

better-svelte-virtual-list - Proper opinionated implementation of a virtual scrolling list for equal-height items in Svelte

  •    Svelte

Proper opinionated implementation of a virtual scrolling list for equal-height items in Svelte. This is not a general purpose virtual list that you npm install but rather a starting point for your own project. I believe every project has different requirements and there is no point in creating a virtual list component that tries to cater for every single use case. It leads to bloated code and bugs.

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