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k-vim - vim配置

  •    Vim

Just a Better Vim Config. Keep it Simple.

space-vim - :four_leaf_clover: Lean & mean spacemacs-ish Vim distribution

  •    Vim

space-vim is a vim distribution for vim plugins and resources, compatible with Vim and NeoVim. It is inspired by spacemacs and mimics spacemacs in a high level, especially in the whole architecture, key bindings and GUI. if have ever tried spacemacs, you will find space-vim is very similar to it in user experience.

dot_vim - 🐉 The Vim Configuration of Champions

  •    Vim

Each plugin is included and managed in its own file. Now you have a choice. The automated script or the manual process.

ivim - I love Vim, and I also love modifying it to be more convenient and efficient

  •    Vim

After about 5 years' development, ivim contains 2 versions to satisfy different requirements. Use lots of famous colorschemes to make your eyes feel comfortable in both Vim and NeoVim.

vim-plugins-profile - :clock4: Profile Vim's Plugins, Generate Awesome Statistics and Optimize Vim Startup Time

  •    Python

Here is a screenshot to have a quick look at what this is all about. If you use vim-plug (or other amazing plugin manager of your choice) to install your vim (gvim or macvim) plugins, then chances are high that it gets addictive. You will find yourself with several dozens of useful plugins.

dotfiles - Benjamin Lupton's dotfiles

  •    Shell

Goes well with my New Machine Starter Kit. The initialisation scripts are loaded via the changes made to your dotfiles via the setup-dotfiles command.

.vim - ✌️ A modular (Neo)Vim configuration

  •    Shell

Nearly every (Neo)Vim configuration you find online is composed of a single, giant vimrc file. But this one is different: it's modular, relying on (Neo)Vim's behavior of loading all plugin/**/*.vim files on startup to cleanly partition your settings, mappings, bundles, and other configuration into separate files that each focus on a single topic and do one thing well. Modularity of bundles, filetypes, colorschemes, and Vim settings.

vimapt - A package manager for vim (VimApt => Vim's Advanced Package Tools)

  •    Python

Vimapt is a vim package manager, "vimapt" is the abbreviate of "Vim's Advantage Package Tools". VimApt provide a script to install.

dotfiles - A man's home is his castle. Never leave your dotfiles behind.

  •    Shell

Common shell stuff, dotfiles and little utilities. All the dotfiles in ~/$HOME are symbolic links with the corresponding file to this repository. Therefore, I can now modify the files directly in this repository and the changes will be applied to the system.

coornails_dotfiles - Coornail's dotfiles

  •    Vim

This is repo is a few of my dotfiles. Feel free to clone or just get ideas from it. I'd be happy if you would create a merge request if I missed something or if I made a mistake.

vim - My vim configuration

  •    Vim

Make sure you clone this repository with the --recursive flag, or you will have to update the submodules manually. This will give an error when you run it due to the missing theme, but you can press any key to get past the error and then the install will proceed as normal. Just ignore the error.

haskell-vim-proto - Basic starter config for Vim and Haskell

  •    Vim

Minimalist starter config for vim and Haskell. Installs the following submodules using pathogen.

vimrc - Vim Configuration for nerds with vim-plug

  •    Vim

This VIM configuration is written by posquit0 to improve the environment in VIM. If you have any questions, feel free to join me at #posquit0 on Freenode and ask away. Click here to connect.

vimrc - :arrow_double_up: A slim and powerful vimrc

  •    Vim

A slim and powerful vimrc. To install, simply run the following command.

dotfiles - My awesome dotfiles :rocket:

  •    Prolog

These are my configuration files for Linux and Mac. It is still work in progress, so expect a lot of changes, but I think it is stable enough to be usable. My Vim configuration is great for Java, Haxe and Typescript development when running Vim in Tmux and using Git. So, if you are doing all of this, then feel free to steal some stuff from here. Most of my dotfiles are using Terminus font, so to make everything look correct, install it in both TrueType and bitmap format.

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