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  •    ASPNET

A stupidly simple grid that doesn't bind to anything: it just stores user information into viewstate which can be retrieved at some point. It is meant mainly for forms where a an arbitrary number of related data rows is necessary (for instance, board members of a trust).


  •    ASPNET

This utility strips out viewstate string and replaces it with a 44 byte string. This means that your viewstate will always be 44bytes instead of 100KB or greater. It has two modes or persistance on the server

ViewState handlers

  •    ASPNET

Utilities to handle and persist viewstate to different persistence medium, including web page compressed viewstate (up to 60% viewstate in weight loss!), out of page viewstate persistence using many other persisters. Easy to configurate and use!

viewstate - ASP.NET View State Decoder

  •    Python

A small Python 3.5+ library for decoding ASP.NET viewstate. Decoding the view state can be useful in penetration testing on ASP.NET applications, as well as revealing more information that can be used to efficiently scrape web pages.

MosbyMVP - Exploring Mosby and Mosby plugin for Conductor for building Android apps with MVP

  •    Kotlin

This repo explores Mosby and Mosby Conductor plugin implementing MVP pattern. Both Mosby and Conductor have excellent documentation on GitHub and at Hannes Dorfmann's blog.