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Kiwi IRC - Next generation of the Kiwi IRC web client

  •    Vue

Kiwi IRC is a versatile web based messenger using IRC. It works out of the box with a default IRC network - or use your own. It supports Single or multiple IRC network connections, Desktop notifications, Themable and rich plugin support such as file uploading and video calling and lot more.

spreedme-snap - :phone: :package: Snap to enable users to chat and make audio/video calls using Spreed

  •    Python

Chat and make audio/video calls straight from Nextcloud using Spreed WebRTC on Ubuntu Snappy.If you are a company wanting a secure and private alternative for online communication make sure to check out the Spreedbox, providing a ready to use hardware with Spreed.ME included.

webrtc-translate - Highly experimental (read: "barely working") app that uses WebRTC API and Web Speech API to provide almost (read: "not really") real-time translations during a video call

  •    Javascript

Highly experimental (read: "barely working") app that uses WebRTC API and WebSpeech API to provide almost (read: "not really") real-time translations during a video call. At the moment it works only in Chrome, though there's an experimental Web Speech Recognition API implementation in Firefox Nightly, so it's possible that it will work in Firefox soon as well. The UI was inspired by iTranslate app. If you want to host it yourself, you'll need a Google Translate API key. You can select the language you speak in from the select box on the top left. Click the flag button under the video to start speech recognition. The speech recognition will stop automatically once you stop speaking or press the flag button again.

opentok-ios-sdk-samples - Example applications that use the OpenTok iOS SDK

  •    Objective-C

This repository is meant to provide some examples for you to better understand the features of the OpenTok iOS SDK. The sample applications are meant to be used with the latest version of the OpenTok iOS SDK. Feel free to copy and modify the source code herein for your own projects. Please consider sharing your modifications with us, especially if they might benefit other developers using the OpenTok iOS SDK. See the License for more information. Get values for your OpenTok API key, session ID, and token. See Obtaining OpenTok Credentials for important information.

q-municate-ios - Q-municate iOS repository

  •    Objective-C

Q-municate is an open source code of chat application with full range of communication features on board (such as messaging, file transfer, push notifications, audio/video calls, etc.). We are inspired to give you chat application out of the box. You can customise this application depending on your needs. As always QuickBlox backend is at your service: https://quickblox.com/plans/ Find the source code and more information about Q-municate, as well as installation guide, in our Developers section: https://quickblox.com/developers/q-municate This guide is brought to you from QuickBlox iOS team in order to explain how you can build a communication app on iOS using QuickBlox API. It is a step by step guide designed for all developer levels including beginners as we move from simple to more complex implementation. Depending on your skills and your project requirements you may choose which parts of this guide are to follow. Enjoy and if you need assistance from QuickBlox iOS team feel free to let us know by creating an issue. Q-municate is a fully fledged chat application using the Quickblox API. QuickBlox - Communication & cloud backend platform which brings superpowers to your mobile apps.

peer-calls - Group peer to peer video calls for everyone

  •    Javascript

WebRTC peer to peer calls for everyone. See it live in action at peercalls.com. Work in progress.

hello - Hello - Video chat that works in most major desktop & mobile browsers.

  •    HTML

Its 2018, WebRTC is natively supported in all desktop & mobile browsers but still most major players (Hangouts, skype, Appear.in etc) ask you to download their app to use the service. Hello is a video chat app that works in most major desktop & mobile browsers. No Signup. No Downloads. Just video chat.