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vertx-graphql-example - Vert.x Server which exposes a GraphQL API

  •    Javascript

I recently added GraphQL support to Gentics Mesh and I thought it would be a good idea to boil down the essence of my implementation in example so that I could share it in a simpler form. This example will not cover all aspects that I have added to the Gentics Mesh API (e.g. paging, search and error handling) but it will give you a basic overview of the parts that I put together. GraphQL does not require a GraphDB even if the name might suggest it. Using a graphdb in combination with GraphQL does nevertheless provide you with some advantages which I will highlight later on. Most graphql examples which I found make use of that domain model. I adoped the graphql-java demo schema and added some values.


  •    HTML

This example shows how to use Gentics Mesh in combination with Vert.x. The Gentics Mesh GraphQL API is being used to located the requested content. This content is used by vertx.x to render various Handlebars templates.

grooveex - Extension module for vertx-groovy adding methods and syntaxic sugar

  •    Groovy

Have a look at the tests if you want to have a glimpse at how the sugar looks in action. Since the projects relies on an Groovy extension module, you just have to add the jar to your project. Nothing more.

http2-showcase - Showcase for http2 Vert.x server vs. standard http

  •    Java

This projects aims at showing Vert.x HTTP/2 capabilities. To run the project, simply run ./gradlew run from the project's root directory, then point your browser at http://localhost:8080 to get started.

nubes - Annotation layer on top of Vert.x 3

  •    Java

Unfortunately, this project relies on an old version of Vert.x. Upgrading it to Vert.x 3.5 requires a lot of work, I am looking at it, but since it's a "weekend" project, it might take months. Sorry for the inconvenience. Obviously any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your comprehension. If you feel like you want to help, any pull request would be highly welcomed. You can also fork the project, and start working on your own stuff, with your own vision of what such an annotation framework would be to suit your needs. The license allows you to do so.

vertx-feeds - Feed aggregator using Vert.x 3 (showcase)

  •    Java

This project is designed to show what a real-life application can look like with Vert.x. It's a simple feed agregator.

vertx-sse - Add support for Server-Side-Events in Vert.x-Web

  •    Java

Add Server-Sent-Events support to Vert.x by providing a vertx-web handler that deals with all the stuff required for server-sent-events. Currently trying to integrate into vertx-web. If you have some time to help, just contact me, thanks.

vertx-postgresql-starter - Starting a monolithic CRUD RESTful Web Service with Vert

  •    Java

This is a starter to build a monolithic CRUD RESTful Web Service with Vert.x stack and postgreSQL. It leverages Gradle to build and Docker to boost deployment. The project takes an easy example with an mini library, the REST API specification is here.