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aspnet-api-versioning - Provides a set of libraries which add service API versioning to ASP

  •    CSharp

ASP.NET API versioning gives you a powerful, but easy-to-use method for adding API versioning semantics to your new and existing REST services built with ASP.NET. The API versioning extensions define simple metadata attributes and conventions that you use to describe which API versions are implemented by your services. You don't need to learn any new routing concepts or change the way you implement your services in ASP.NET today.The default API versioning configuration is compliant with the versioning semantics outlined by the Microsoft REST Guidelines. There are also a number of customization and extension points available to support transitioning services that may not have supported API versioning in the past or supported API versioning with semantics that are different from the Microsoft REST versioning guidelines.

pinned - 📌 Date based versioning system for Go APIs.

  •    Go

This is a proof-of-concept, date based versioning system for APIs inspired by Stripe's API versioning. This package enables reverse compatibility for a Go API by defining versions and their associated changes. Consequently, API versions can be maintained for long periods of time without minimal effort.

Versionberg - Gradle plugin for versioning your library/application on every git commit

  •    Groovy

Gradle plugin for versioning your library/application on every git commit. You can put date into the template, i.e ${new Date().format("ddMMyyyy")}, see more at SimpleDateFormat.

fastlane-plugin-versioning_android - Android Versioning Plugin for Fastlane

  •    Ruby

Android Versioning Plugin for Fastlane - easily Get / Set versionCode and versionName on your Android project. Check out the example Fastfile to see how to use this plugin. Try it by cloning the repo, running fastlane install_plugins and bundle exec fastlane test.