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useless - Use Less. Do More. JavaScript on steroids.

  •    Javascript

In near future, it will be split into several loosely coupled, clean and maintainable NPM modules, for everyone's convenience. Stay tuned. You can override config with command line args, e.g. node example webpack.offline=false, using server/config.js trait.

Swift-MathEagle - A general math framework to make using math easy

  •    Swift

MathEagle is named after the golden eagle, since this is the fastest bird in the world (in horizontal flight). MathEagle is still in its initial development phase so the syntax still changes frequently.

Math3D - A

  •    CSharp

Vim.Math3D is a portable, safe, and efficient 3D math library from VIM written in C# targeting .NET Standard 2.0 without any dependencies. It is intended primarily as a feature rich drop-in replacement for System.Numerics that assures consistent serialization across platforms, enforces immutability, and offers many additional structures and functionality.

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