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vanilla - Vanilla is a powerfully simple discussion forum you can easily customize to make as unique as your community

  •    PHP

Vanilla uses Composer and NPM! You cannot clone this repo right into a web directory - it requires a build step. Learn more or just download the latest stable build instead. Vanilla was born out of the desire to create flexible, customizable, and downright entertaining community solutions. Vanilla has been used to power tens of thousands of community forums around the world and we couldn't be happier if you've decided to use Vanilla to grow yours.

addons - Official add-ons and tools for Vanilla Forums.

  •    PHP

The plugins folder is what this repository is all about. It holds open source addons for Vanilla Forums created and maintained by the Vanilla Forums team. They are available for official download in our searchable directory along with community contributions. Individual plugins should have their own license and README. Please start issues by prefixing the issue title with the addon name.

community - Code powering the Vanilla Forums open source community.

  •    PHP

The code that powers the open.vanillaforums.com community site. Each addon in this repository has its own license. Usually, this is the GNU GPLv2.

porter - Export legacy forums into a format Vanilla Forums can import.

  •    PHP

Vanilla Porter is a nifty tool for exporting your old & busted forum into a fresh Vanilla Forum. It will create a zipped text file that can be imported directly to Vanilla via the Dashboard. Do NOT user Vanilla Porter for UPGRADING. It is for migrating from other forums, including the incompatible Vanilla 1.x series.

vanilla-docker - A sweet Docker image for Vanilla Forums

  •    PHP

Only supports Mac OSX at the moment but everything can be easily adapted to work on other platforms. Assume that you are using PhpStorm as your IDE. This repository contains a ready-for-development environment to develop against Vanilla.

wordpress-vanilla - Official WordPress plugin for Vanilla Forums integration.

  •    PHP

The official Vanilla Forums Wordpress plugin. Vanilla-WordPress URL https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/vanilla-forums.

vanillaforums - Single Sign On plugin for VanillaForums/jsConnect and CraftCMS

  •    PHP

A simple plugin for integrating VanillaForums into Craft CMS websites, including Single Sign On (SSO) for site-wide SSO, as well as embedded SSO. Install jsConnect. Make sure you have installed the jsConnect plugin, and follow the documentation for Vanilla SSO setup.

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