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Eureka - Elegant iOS form builder in Swift

  •    Swift

Made with ❤️ by XMARTLABS. This is the re-creation of XLForm in Swift. For more information look at our blog post that introduces Eureka.

angular-validation - Client Side Validation for AngularJS 1

  •    Javascript

Client-side Validation should be simple and clean. Don't let Client-side Validation dirty your controller. Setup your Validation on config phase by using some rules (example) If you prefer schema over html attributes , try angular-validation-schema (Demo) And add Validation in your view only.

vee-validate - ✔ Form validation for Vue

  •    Javascript

vee-validate is a plugin for Vue.js that allows you to validate input fields and display errors. You don't have to do anything fancy in your app -- most of the work goes into the html. You only need to specify for each input what kind of validators should be used when the value changes. The errors will be automatically generated. The plugin offers many validations out of the box.

revalidation - Higher Order Component for Validating Forms in React

  •    Javascript

Revalidation lets you write your forms as stateless function components, taking care of managing the local form state as well as the validation. Revalidation also works with classes and will support other React-like libraries like Preact or Inferno in the future. Form handling sounds trivial sometimes, but let’s just take a second to think about what is involved in the process. We need to define form fields, we need to validate the fields, we also might need to display errors according to the fact if the input validates, furthermore we need to figure out if the validation is instant or only after clicking on a submit button and so on and so forth.

ember-cp-validations - Ember computed property based validations

  •    Javascript

An EmberJS validation framework that is completely and utterly computed property based. No observers were used nor harmed while developing and testing this addon.

scrivener - Validation frontend for models.

  •    Ruby

Validation frontend for models.Scrivener removes the validation responsibility from models and acts as a filter for whitelisted attributes. Read about the motivation to understand why this separation of concerns is important.

thug - ORM replacement that provides a functional style object filtration and validation system.

  •    Javascript

Thug was created to minimize the complexity of validating and altering an object before writing it to a data store or performing an operation. Thug is not an ORM but is ment to be a replacment for one. Thug is very small and works on both the server or in a browser. I always recomend you bundle your dependencies with your application. To do this, create a package.json file in the root of your project with the minimum information...

ember-changeset-validations - Validations for ember-changeset

  •    Javascript

ember-changeset-validations is a companion validation library to ember-changeset. It's really simple to use and understand, and there are no CPs or observers anywhere – it's mostly just functions. Since ember-changeset is required to use this addon, please see documentation there on how to use changesets.

ember-model-validator - ember-cli addon adds validation support to your Ember-Data models.

  •    Javascript

Add validations to your Ember Data models on an explicit and easy way, without a bunch a validations files around or complicated structure. This README outlines the details of collaborating on this Ember addon.

passable - An isomorphic data model validations engine

  •    Javascript

Isomorphic data model validations made easy. Passable is a system for javascript applications that allows you to write structured data model validations in a way that's consistent all across your app, and fully reusable.

ember-changeset-conditional-validations - Conditional validations for ember-changeset-validations

  •    Javascript

An extra validator for conditional validations with ember-changeset-validations. Let's say you want to validate a user's settings. Only if the payment method is a credit card should the credit card number validations be applied.

nodejs-model - Super Lightweight & extensible Models for validations, accessibility, filtering, convertions and sanitization for Node

  •    CoffeeScript

So this is what nodejs-model is for, it is a very minimal, extensible model structure for node, it doesn't dictate any DB requirements nor hook into it directly, it's just a plain javascript object with some enhanced capabilities for attributes accessors, validations, tagging and filtering. If one or more of the bullets below makes sense to you, then you should try nodejs-model.

active_model_validates_intersection_of - A custom validation for your Active Model that check if an array is included in another one

  •    Ruby

A custom validation for Active Model that check if an array is included in another one. Identical to the method validates_inclusion_of from ActiveModel but for array comparison.

Validatinator - Simple, yet effective, vanilla JavaScript form validation "plugin

  •    Javascript

Validatinator is a simple, yet effective, vanilla JavaScript form validation "plugin." It is loosely based off of Laravel's validation system. Using Validatinator is as easy as instantiating a Validatinator object, calling the passes or fails methods and if there are failed validations then grabbing those validations from the errors property on the main object.

smooth-release - Replacement for `npm version` and `npm publish` with validations and CHANGELOG

  •    Javascript

Smart CLI utility to safely and automatically do every step to release a new version of a library hosted on GitHub and published on npm. smooth-release automatically detects if the next version should be "breaking" or not. If a version is "breaking" it will be a major otherwise it will be a patch. smooth-release never creates a minor version.

validations - Validation mixin for Ruby objects

  •    Ruby

Hanami::Validations supports Ruby (MRI) 2.3+ and JRuby Hanami::Validations is a mixin that, once included by an object, adds lightweight set of validations to it.

active_storage_validations - Do it like --- validates :photos, attached: true, content_type: ['image/png', 'image/jpg', 'image/jpeg']

  •    Ruby

If you are using active_storage gem and you want to add simple validations for it, like presence or content_type you need to write a custom valiation method. This gems doing it for you. Just use attached: true or content_type: 'image/png' validation.

validate - :card_index:🆗 Validate an Object that probably came from JSON

  •    Javascript

Parameter validation for builtins and custom types. Accepts params and a schema and returns an array of Errors or false. Check out the examples for more on custom types and ranges (and the tests).