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vagrant-ceph - Builds a cluster of servers using libvirt. Supports multiple configurations.

  •    Vim

Create a vagrant configuration to support multiple ceph cluster topologies. Ideal for development or exploration of Ceph. Review the config.yml. All addresses are on private networks. Each commented section lists the requirements for a configuration and approximate initialization time.

oxvm_base - Official OXID eSales VM, base component for oxvm_eshop

  •    Shell

This project provides a flexible base for VM configurations. Current OXID eShop development environment is inspired by PuPHPet and Phansible projects.

oxvm_eshop - Official OXID eShop VM and SDK integration


This project extends the Base VM and is optimized for specific versions of the OXID eShop. Before proceeding with Quick start please ensure that the Dependencies listed below are installed.

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