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uwp-experiences - Universal Windows Platform (UWP) samples and showcases

  •    CSharp

The UWP App Experiences are beautiful, cross device, feature rich and functional app samples built to demonstrate realistic app scenarios on the UWP platform across desktop, Xbox, mobile, and more. Besides being open source on GitHub, each sample is published to the Windows Store for easier access for developers and each is accompanied with at least one blog post and short overview video.While these samples were initially created for the App Dev on Xbox live event and blog series, they have been built and designed for multiple UWP devices and scenarios in mind from the start. In fact, all samples have been developed to work on Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox One. Any developer can take advantage of these samples regardless of the device type or features they are targeting, and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience.

WinIRC - C# IRC Client for Windows 10, written as a UWP application.

  •    CSharp

WinIRC is a C# IRC Client for Windows 10. It's written as a UWP application, so don't expect this to be ported to Windows 8.1 or below. For autoupdating, the easiest way to get it is from the Microsoft Store.

UICompositionAnimations - A wrapper PCL to work with Windows

  •    CSharp

The UICompositionAnimations library exposes classes and APIs to quickly implement animations and effects to a UWP application. It also has a collection of helper methods to load Win2D images, dispatch code to the UI thread and more. More details available here.