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WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

  •    C++

WinDirStat (WDS) is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Windows. It shows disk, file and directory sizes in a treelist as well as graphically in a treemap, much like KDirStat or SequoiaView.

Windows Product Key Finder


A very small tool for find out what your Windows Product key is. Good for when you need to reinstall windows but can't find your CD case.

SSRS report deployment tool (SSRSBuddy)


SSRSBuddy enables deployment of multiple reports and report models onto a SSRS2005 instance, using shared datasources

Clear SharePoint Lists


This project contains the tools used to clear the items from the one or more Lists.


  •    DotNet

Now is a command-line application that formats the current date and time according to a given (.NET) format. The culture can also be set.


  •    DotNet

A small tool for reading a lot of useful information from the WMI. Like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, CPU information, Motherboard info, Graphics card info, and some Windows infomation like, Version, Build, Install date, serial number and product key.



A utility to aid in the management of app.config and web.config files in a team development environment. ConfigManager.Net executes embedded instructions in the app.config\web.config. These instructions are stored in the file as XML comments and executed in place. A number of...

Khmer Unicode Converter

  •    CSharp

Khmer Unicode converter is a .NET library that converts Khmer text from legacy font to Unicode font and vice-versa. This library developed base on Khmer Converter from KhmerOS (http://www.khmeros.info). All the codes in this library is converted from Python version of Khmer Co...

ClearType Switch


ClearType rapid switching between RGB and BGR

Regex Search and Rescue

  •    DotNet

Regex Search and Rescue (RSaR) is a command line "grep" tool based on .NET, which offers one of the most advanced regular expression engines ever created.


  •    CSharp

Duplicate Finder is a simple utility to look though files and find identical lines, which indicates duplicate code or cut-and-paste coding. It is written in C# using some .net 2.0 features.

Image Duplicates Search Tool

  •    DotNet

Search for images based on color distribution and shape, very fast searching once the images are loaded. Image recognition based on color histograms. Ability to store loaded data as xml so you don't have to reload the images each time.


  •    ASPNET

SharpNick is a DLL library containing functions that ASP.NET websites commonly use. Developed in C#.

SheepDog - Off-screen Window Manager

  •    DotNet

SheepDog is a free utility for repositioning off-screen windows.

xp - agile programming tools in Coffeescript

  •    CoffeeScript

You might notice that a lot of xp's "tools" already exist in some form or another as *nix programs or combination of *nix programs. *nix has battle hardened programs which have been heavily used, tested, optimized, and are generally of very high quality. xp doesn't aim to replace these any of these. xp is a convenience library aimed towards non-expert users. xp uses CoffeeScript and node, which makes it fun to use. If you already know how to perform these actions via vanilla *nix tools, I encourage you to continue to do so.If anyone is willing to write concise documentation for executing the functionality of xp's tools using only pre-existing *nix commands, I would be very glad to add that information to this document.

kwargsjs - Smart python like argument management for javascript

  •    Javascript

This little tool gives you the ability to use keyword arguments support for your functions. So you can either specify each argument as you wish or use the arguments regularly. In fact you can do both at the same time. Another feature is to have the ability to set default values for your function arguments without changing or adding any code to your function.

truffle-nice-tools - A simple yet nice toolset for Truffle Framework development.

  •    Javascript

A very simple, yet nice CLI interface toolkit for Truffle Framework development. Run npm i -D @gnosis.pm/truffle-nice-tools inside your Truffle Framework project.

go-parsefix - Fixes simple parse errors automatically. Works great in combination with goimports.

  •    Go

Fixes simple parse errors automatically. Works great in combination with goimports. Do parsefix -help to see usage and flags documentation.

grep-typos - Quickly check your project for typos

  •    Shell

Quickly check your project for most common typos and misspellings. Match substrings in searched text. This option will cause the script to use the data/typos.txt database. Default script behavior without the --substrings option is to match data/common_misspellings.txt against whole words only.