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docpad - Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc

  •    CoffeeScript

Hi! I'm DocPad, I streamline the web development process and help close the gap between experts and beginners. I've been used in production by big and small companies for over a year and a half now to create plenty of amazing and powerful web sites and applications quicker than ever before. What makes me different is instead of being a box to cram yourself into and hold you back, I'm a freeway to what you want to accomplish, just getting out of your way and allowing you to create stuff quicker than ever before without limits. Leave the redundant stuff up to me, so you can focus on the awesome stuff.Discover my features below, or skip ahead to the installation instructions to get started with a fully functional pre-made website in a few minutes from reading this.

laravel-zero - A PHP framework for console artisans

  •    PHP

Laravel Zero was created by, and is maintained by Nuno Maduro, and is a micro-framework that provides an elegant starting point for your console application. It is an unofficial and customized version of Laravel optimized for building command-line applications. For full documentation, visit laravel-zero.com.



Csv2UDTImport is a small console application that transforms ";" separated CSV files into Xml files. These files are compatible to the XML files generated for import/export for the UserDefinedTable module, a DotNetNuke module. Simplest usage: Drag'Drop an CSV file onto the a...

copy-pasta - Universal copy paste service, works across different machines!

  •    Go

in the terminal.Boom! You should see a copy of myPenne.jpg on your other machine.

workshop-setup - Verify and setup a repository for workshop attendees

  •    Javascript

I make quite a few workshops and one of the biggest challenges I have is making sure that people have set things up correctly so the workshop has as few surprises as possible. So I want to have a script validate things on attendees machines before they start on the workshop and give them helpful info to fix problems early and on their own.The problem is further complicated by the fact that I can't use any modules to do this because I can pretty much only guarantee that attendees have some version of node and npm, but not which version. So I need something that exists when they clone the repository right from the start.

ghrepo - :octocat: create a new GitHub repo from your current folder

  •    Javascript

Creates a new GitHub repository from your current folder, and then runs the initial git commands to commit and push the contents. If the folder has a package.json it will pull the repo's description, name and homepage from that.The example below pushes the contents of my-module to a new GitHub repository with the specified commit message. On first run, it will prompt for authentication.

ethpanel - A friendly web interface to ethereum node.

  •    Javascript

A friendly web interface to ethereum node. EthPanel is designed to be a lightweight, full functional, and browser only app. Browser only means it runs completely in browser, requires nothing to be installed on your computer.

finepack - Organizes and maintains readable your JSON files.

  •    CoffeeScript

Organizes and maintains your JSON files readable. You can use Finepack as a CLI tool or from NodeJS as a library. Based on fixpack but with a little more ♥.

janus - Janus is a fake rest api server

  •    Go

Janus is a fake rest api server which can be used for various purpose including frontend application development , testing etc. Go should be installed (version 1.4+ is required) in the system. Make sure you have Go properly installed, including setting up your GOPATH.

as-a - Runs a given command with additional environment settings for simple local development

  •    Javascript

as-a = run "as a" ... Now you can run any command (with arguments) and add the section as environment variables.

haxe-watchify - automatic build tool for your Haxe and OpenFL projects

  •    HTML

Haxe-watchify is a command line daemon that check any files changes in your Haxe project and run the build automatically in background. Currently haxe-watchify is compatible with Haxe and OpenFL projects.

toggl-cli - Manage your Toggl.com time entries from the familiarity of the nearby CLI.

  •    Javascript

Manage your Toggl.com time entries from the familiarity of the nearby CLI. If you discover a bug please report it here.

aws-kms-thingy - 🔐 Convenience wrapper & CLI around the AWS Node

  •    TypeScript

Convenience wrapper around the AWS Node.js SDK to simplify encrypting/decrypting secrets with the AWS KMS service. Suitable for use with AWS Lambda. The module assumes that the Amazon SDK has access to AWS credentials that are able to access the KMS key used for encryption and decryption.

search-deflector - A small program that forwards searches from Cortana to your preferred browser and search engine

  •    D

This software allows you to perform faster web searches by just tapping the Windows key, and typing your search. Hit enter, or click one of the results in the right panel. This is faster than opening your browser (if it isn't already), opening a new tab, and clicking the search bar. After a simple setup, you can use any browser (provided it is registered as a protocol handler) and any search engine. If you are having trouble getting either of these to work, send me an email at support@spikespaz.com or create an issue, and I will see what I can do to get your custom settings working.

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