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bpftrace - high-level tracing language for Linux enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF)

  •    C++

bpftrace is a high-level tracing language for Linux enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) available in recent Linux kernels (4.x). bpftrace uses LLVM as a backend to compile scripts to BPF-bytecode and makes use of BCC for interacting with the Linux BPF system, as well as existing Linux tracing capabilities: kernel dynamic tracing (kprobes), user-level dynamic tracing (uprobes), and tracepoints.

node-dtrace-provider - Native DTrace probes for node.js apps

  •    Javascript

This extension allows you to create native DTrace providers for your Node.js applications. That is, to create providers and probes which expose information specific to your application, rather than information about the node runtime. You could use this to expose high-level information about the inner workings of your application, or to create a specific context in which to look at information from other runtime or system-level providers.

salp - USDT probes in Golang on Linux via libstapsdt

  •    Go

Salp is a library that enables Go programs to create and fire USDT probes at runtime. Such probes allow API-stable (i.e. not dependent on function names) tracing of executables written in Go - especially important since function tracing of Go code requires some unappealing (though not unimpressive) hacks. Salp uses the libstapsdt library to create and fire these probes. If libstdapsdt is installed globally (e.g. from the PPA above or via make install), you should be able to simply go build or go test. However if you have built libstapsdt from source then you will need to tell the cgo tool how to find the headers and .so files for libstapsdt using the CGO_CFLAGS, CGO_LDFLAGS, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables.

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