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rn-diff-purge - Easier React Native upgrades by clearly exposing changes from a version to another

  •    Shell

This repository exposes an untouched React Native app generated with the CLI npx react-native init RnDiffApp. Each new React Native release causes a new project to be created, removing the old one, and getting a diff between them. This way, the diff is always clean, always in sync with the changes of the init template. See table below for the complete list.

7-Up: PowerShell Scripts for Upgrading SharePoint 2007 to 2010


PowerShell scripts to automate the upgrade of SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 using a content database or hybrid upgrade approach.

please-upgrade-node - :information_desk_person: Show a message to your users to upgrade Node instead of a stacktrace

  •    Javascript

It's common for new Node users to miss the npm engines warning when installing a CLI. This package displays a beginner-friendly message if their Node version is below the one expected.>= is the only operator supported by please-upgrade-node (e.g. >=4, >=4.0, >=4.0.0).

Vers - Effortless data model versioning for Javascript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Vers requires an environment that supports the Promise/A+ specification as standardized in ES6. Node.js version 0.12.0 and up is great right out of the box (no --harmony flag necessary), as well as the latest versions of many browsers. To support older browsers, just include a Promise library such as Bluebird. Function options.getVersion: A function that accepts an object as its only argument, and returns either the current version identifier of the object as a number or string, or a Promise that resolves to the current version identifier. By default, Vers will use the object's version property if it exists, or 1 if it doesn't. number|string options.latest: The latest version identifier available for this model. If not specified, Vers will detect the latest version by calling Math.max on each version specified in addConverter(). For string-based versions, this option should be specified.

browserify-ftw - Converts an entire project that uses requirejs amd into on that uses nodejs common modules so it can be browserified

  •    Javascript

Don't you fret, browserify-ftw is here to help. For most projects it will be able to perform an upgrade it to a point where it can be browserified immediately, for all others it should get you at least 90% there. Therefore you should check all your files into source control and best create a new branch before running it in order to be able to revert to the original state in case something goes wrong.

outdated-browser-rework - Detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version

  •    Javascript

And more (see below for the full list). One of the challenges with making this type of module is that the JS and CSS can't use any current tech - the 'get a new browser' message must display on older browsers - so yes, this is hard. This module is tested all the way back to IE6.

jUpgradePro - jUpgradePro an extension that help Joomla! users to migrate or move their data.

  •    PHP

Read data directly from the database. This method allows you to migrate data between two installations of Joomla! by webservices, which adds ease when setting the extension.

starttls - Upgrade a regular `net.Stream` connection to a secure `tls` connection.

  •    Javascript

Upgrade a regular net.Stream connection to a secure tls connection. Based on code by Andris Reinman, itself based on an older version by Nathan Rajlich.

bramble - A tool which helps you safely upgrade your NPM dependencies.

  •    Javascript

Is a tool which helps you safely upgrade your NPM dependencies. Running Bramble will look at each dependency in your package.json, and one by one will ask if you want to update that dependency (with the --prompt flag). If you let it, Bramble will then download the latest version of that dependency, optionally (with the --test flag) running your test suite to check for any breaking changes in the new version. Finally, Bramble will (with the --save flag) write the new version to your package.json.

entrepot - A list of free GitHub.com hosted WordPress plugins & themes

  •    PHP

Inscrivez vos extensions et thèmes WordPress gratuits dans l'Entrepôt. Cette extension WordPress vous propose de recenser vos propres extensions et thèmes gratuits hébergés sur GitHub.com directement depuis l'onglet Entrepôt de l'écran d'administration de l'ajout d'extensions ou de thèmes de WordPress. Elle prendra en charge l'installation et la mise à jour de vos dépôts.

npm-upgrade - Interactive CLI utility to easily update outdated NPM dependencies

  •    Javascript

Interactive CLI utility to easily update outdated NPM dependencies with changelogs inspection support. If you are tired of manually upgrading package.json every time your package dependencies are getting out of date then this utility is for you.

chug - Simple, clickable Homebrew package management for macOS

  •    Shell

Chug is a macOS application that turns your routine installed Homebrew package upgrades and outdated package cleanup into a simple desktop icon click workflow. The Homebrew executable must be installed on the path /usr/local/bin/brew (as recommended by the Homebrew developers) to use the default Chug build.

antd-migration-helper - CLI tool to aid in migrate antd from old version to newer version.

  •    Javascript

CLI tool to aid in migrate antd from old version to newer version. It scans files for JSX code and provides detailed warnings when deprecated patterns are found. It cannot reliably catch every deprecation, but should get you 80% of the way there.

upgrade-ready - A tool to help with the process of upgrading modules to the latest version of Node

  •    Javascript

A tool to help with the process of upgrading modules to the latest LTS version of Node.js, it will check dependencies against a Node.js version

upgrade-utils - A tool from NodeSource to help with the process of upgrading modules to the latest version of Node

  •    Javascript

A tool from NodeSource to help with the process of upgrading modules to the latest version of Node.js latest Node version (currently v4), replacing old NAN C++ bindings and adjusting for Node.js API changes. Search, report and optionally replace changes in a module's code, helping in the process of updating to the latest Node version.

sysclean - list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades

  •    Perl

sysclean is a perl(1) script designed to help remove obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades. sysclean compares a reference root directory against the currently installed files, taking files from both the base system and packages into account.

self_update - Self updates for rust executables

  •    Rust

self_update provides updaters for updating rust executables in-place from various release distribution backends. Update (replace) the current executable with the latest release downloaded from https://api.github.com/repos/jaemk/self_update/releases/latest. Note, the trust project provides a nice setup for producing release-builds via CI (travis/appveyor).

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