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purifycss - Remove unused CSS. Also works with single-page apps.

  •    Javascript

A function that takes content (HTML/JS/PHP/etc) and CSS, and returns only the used CSS. PurifyCSS does not modify the original CSS files. You can write to a new file, like minification. If your application is using a CSS framework, this is especially useful as many selectors are often unused. Array of glob file patterns to the files to search through for used classes (HTML, JS, PHP, ERB, Templates, anything that uses CSS selectors).

purgecss - Remove unused css

  •    Javascript

When you are building a website, chances are that you are using a css framework like Bootstrap, Materializecss, Foundation, etc... But you will only use a small set of the framework and a lot of unused css styles will be included. This is where Purgecss comes into play. Purgecss analyzes your content and your css files. Then it matches the selectors used in your files with the one in your content files. It removes unused selectors from your css, resulting in smaller css files.

LSUnusedResources - A Mac App to find unused images and resources in XCode project.

  •    Objective-C

A Mac App to find unused images and resources in an XCode project. It is heavily influenced by jeffhodnett‘s Unused, but Unused is very slow, and the results are not entirely correct. So I made some performance optimization, the search speed is more faster than Unused. Check Ignore similar name to ignore the resources which referenced by string concatenation, regex: ([-_]?\d+).

ucss - Find unused and duplicate CSS

  •    Javascript

uCSS is made for crawling (large) websites to find unused CSS selectors. uCSS is written for Node. It can be used both as a library and as a command line tool.

unparam - Report unused function parameters

  •    Go

Reports unused function parameters and results in your code.It also reports parameters that always receive the same values, results that always return the same values and results that are never used.

unused-files-webpack-plugin - Glob all files that are not compiled by webpack under webpack's context

  •    Javascript

The (array of) pattern(s) to glob all files within the context. Emit error instead of warning in webpack compilation result.

node-unused - A module which reports defined, but unused variables in your code.

  •    Javascript

Identify unused variables in your javascript code. Library is distributed under the Apache license.

swift-scripts - Some useful scripts for swift developers

  •    Ruby

Some useful scripts for swift developers

unu - unused css

  •    Javascript

unused css

postcss-discard-unused - Discard unused counter styles, keyframes and fonts.

  •    Javascript

Discard unused counter styles, keyframes and fonts. This module will discard unused at rules in your CSS file, if it cannot find any selectors that make use of them. It works on @counter-style, @keyframes and @font-face.

purgecss-webpack-plugin - Purgecss plugin for webpack

  •    Javascript

Webpack plugin to remove unused css. to filter out directories see the glob-all documentation here.

gulp-purgecss - Gulp plugin for purgecss

  •    Javascript

This is just a simple gulp plugin, which means it's nothing more than a thin wrapper around purgecss. If it looks like you are having CSS related issues, please go to the purgecss repo. Only create a new issue if it looks like you're having a problem with the plugin itself. We use SemVer for versioning.

purgecss-with-wordpress - Purgecss with wordpress

  •    Javascript

Based on the gist made by @frnwtr, purgecss-with-wordpress is a set of templates for Wordpress CMS. You need to install purgecss first.