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mathjs - An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser with support for symbolic computation, comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants, and offers an integrated solution to work with different data types like numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, fractions, units, and matrices.

insect - High precision scientific calculator with support for physical units

  •    PureScript

A high precision scientific calculator with full support for physical units. Operators: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*, ·, ×), division (/, ÷, per), exponentiation (^, **). Full list: see Reference below.

UnitsNet - Makes life working with units of measurement just a little bit better.

  •    CSharp

Everyone have written their share of trivial conversions - or less obvious ones where you need to Google that magic constant. Stop littering your code with unnecessary calculations, Units.NET gives you all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is lightweight and thoroughly tested.

js-quantities - JavaScript library for quantity calculation and unit conversion

  •    Javascript

JS-quantities is originally a JavaScript port of Kevin Olbrich's library Ruby Units (http://github.com/olbrich/ruby-units). The library aims to simplify the handling of units for scientific calculations involving quantities.

convert-units - An elegant way to convert quantities between different units.

  •    Javascript

A handy utility for converting between quantities in different units.convert-units has a simple chained API that is easy to read.

coulomb - coulomb: a statically typed unit analysis library for Scala

  •    Scala

coulomb is a library for "static units", and 'coulomb' is the "unit of static" (aka charge). There is also a tutorial below.

postcss-px-to-viewport - A plugin for PostCSS that generates viewport units (vw, vh, vmin, vmax) from pixel units

  •    Javascript

A plugin for PostCSS that generates viewport units (vw, vh, vmin, vmax) from pixel units. If your project involves a fixed width, this script will help to convert pixels into viewport units.

number-format - Wrapper above number_format and unit convertor.

  •    PHP

Wrapper above number_format, api is very easy. This version is same like v2.0 but support php7.1+.

metrick - 📏 Babel-powered unit magick

  •    Javascript

Metrick is a library which allows you to convert units and avoid using magic numbers! In combination with a JavaScript syntax extension included with Babel, it allows for a new, clean and human-like syntax for doing so. The explicit syntax makes use of an in function to convert the original unit into another supplied unit. Passing a valid Unit object of the same type to in will return the result as a number.

node-cldr - node

  •    Javascript

The extraction code was originally written for the inter i18n library, but can be used on its own. To understand the data itself, you might need to dive into the LDML specification, which describes the schema of the CLDR XML files.

convert-css-length - Convert between css lengths e.g. em->px or px->rem

  •    CoffeeScript

Conversions between em, ex, rem, px are supported. PRs welcome if you need support for more esoteric length units.

convert-length - Converts a distance unit (e.g. m) to another (e.g. cm)

  •    Javascript

Pixels are computed based on the specified pixelsPerInch setting (default 96), as per the CSS spec. Use npm to install and use this. Should work with browserify, Webpack, etc.

rink-rs - Unit conversion tool and library written in rust

  •    Rust

Rink is a unit-aware calculator. It can be used for physics and engineering calculations, as well as dimensionality analysis. Rink supports most systems of measurements including SI, CGS, natural, international customary, US customary, UK customary, as well as historical measurements. In addition, Rink supports currency conversions.

purescript-quantities - Physical quantities and units

  •    PureScript

A PureScript library to represent and work with physical quantities and units. Note that this library focuses on a representation at run time as opposed to other projects which use the type system to encode physical units at compile time.

Unitful.jl - Physical quantities with arbitrary units

  •    Julia

Unitful is a Julia package for physical units. We want to support not only SI units but also any other unit system. We also want to minimize or in some cases eliminate the run-time penalty of units. There should be facilities for dimensional analysis. All of this should integrate easily with the usual mathematical operations and collections that are found in Julia base. Stable and latest versions available.

Measures.jl - Unified measure and coordinates types

  •    Julia

This library generalizes and unifies the notion of measures used in Compose, Compose3D, and Escher. It allows building up and representing expressions involving differing types of units that are then evaluated, resolving them into absolute units.

node-units - A extensible unit conversion library for Node.JS

  •    Javascript

A unit conversion library for Node.JS that comes with a default unit conversion database and the ability to extend the database with custom metrics. With custom units you can also overwrite any previously defined units.

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