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Exceptionless.JavaScript - Exceptionless JavaScript client

  •    TypeScript

You can install Exceptionless.js either in your browser application using Bower or a script tag, or you can use the Node Package Manager (npm) to install the Node.js package.In either case, we recommend placing the script tag at the very beginning of your page.

Exceptionless.Net - Exceptionless clients for the .NET platform

  •    CSharp

Refer to the Exceptionless documentation here: Exceptionless Docs.This section is for development purposes only! If you are trying to use the Exceptionless .NET libraries, please get them from NuGet.

bugsnag-dotnet - .NET notifier for Bugsnag. Error monitoring and error reporting for .NET.

  •    CSharp

The Bugsnag Notifier for .NET gives you instant notification of exceptions thrown from your .NET apps. Any uncaught exceptions will trigger a notification to be sent to your Bugsnag project. Bugsnag captures errors in real-time from your web, mobile and desktop applications, helping you to understand and resolve them as fast as possible. Create a free account to start capturing exceptions from your applications.