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SwiftyFORM - iOS framework for creating forms

  •    Swift

SwiftyFORM is an iOS framework for creating forms. Because form code is hard to write, hard to read, hard to reason about. Has a slow turn around time. Is painful to maintain.

Closures - Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation

  •    Swift

Closures is an iOS Framework that adds closure handlers to many of the popular UIKit and Foundation classes. Although this framework is a substitute for some Cocoa Touch design patterns, such as Delegation & Data Sources and Target-Action, the authors make no claim regarding which is a better way to accomplish the same type of task. Most of the time it is a matter of style, preference, or convenience that will determine if any of these closure extensions are beneficial. Whether you're a functional purist, dislike a particular API, or simply just want to organize your code a little bit, you might enjoy using this library.

PGDatePicker - 日期选择器,支持年、年月、年月日、年月日时、年月日时分、年月日时分秒、月日、月日时、月日时分、月日时分秒、时分、时分秒、分秒、月日周 时分等

  •    Objective-C

日期选择器,支持年、年月、年月日、年月日时、年月日时分、年月日时分秒、月日、月日时、月日时分、月日时分秒、时分、时分秒、分秒、月日周 时分等

PickerView - 🔸 A customizable alternative to UIPickerView in Swift.

  •    Swift

PickerView is an easy to use and customize alternative to UIPickerView written in Swift. It was developed to provide a highly customizable experience, so you can implement your custom designed UIPickerView. It requires Xcode 8.0+ and Swift 3.0.

Shari - Shari is the alternative to the library of UIPickerView(drum roll) in Swift

  •    Swift

Shari is the alternative to the library of UIPickerView (drum roll) in Swift. You can select a item using UITableView. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa applications.

PGPickerView - PGPickerView是将UIPickerView的弯曲弧度变成直列表,可以是单列表,多列表,还可以修改选中label的字体颜色等。

  •    Objective-C


loseYourself - 移动HTML5仿UIPickerView

  •    Javascript

UIPickerView HTML5实现,仿造iOS的UIPickerView

McPicker-iOS - McPicker is a customizable, closure driven UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready

  •    Swift

McPicker is a UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready. The more string arrays you pass, the more picker components you'll get. You can set custom label or use the defaults. McPicker can be presented as a Popover on iPhone or iPad using showAsPopover, as an inputView using McTextField or use the default slide up and down style show. showAsPopover can be used to display from a UIView or UIBarButtonItem. showAsPopover will always be presented as a Popover, even when used on an iPhone.

AUPickerCell - Embedded picker view for table cells.

  •    Swift

Embedded picker view for table cells. AUPickerCell requires Swift 4.0 and Xcode 9.0.

CountryCode - 🎯 Swift country and phone code Picker

  •    Swift

Picker code Swift 3 / 4. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

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