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Exceptionless.JavaScript - Exceptionless JavaScript client

  •    TypeScript

You can install Exceptionless.js either in your browser application using Bower or a script tag, or you can use the Node Package Manager (npm) to install the Node.js package.In either case, we recommend placing the script tag at the very beginning of your page.

bittrex-typescript - Sorry for yet another client, I didn't like what else was out there

  •    TypeScript

I looked at all of the bittrex API clients that I could find. None of them supported HTTP KeepAlive. None of them did TypeScript generics well. All of them needed help. So, what else do you do? Write your own. I'd like to take the good parts from agentkeepalive and just use them to see if there is any real performance benefits.

redux-ts-simple - Yet another lib for creating typed actions and reducers.

  •    TypeScript

Yet another lib for creating typed actions and reducers. This library is FSA-compliant.

avro-typescript - TypeScript Code Generator for Apache Avro Schema Types

  •    TypeScript

A simple JS library to convert Avro Schemas to TypeScript interfaces. The library can be run in node.js or the browser. It takes a Avro Schema as a JavaScript object (from JSON) and returns the TypeScript code as a string.


  •    TypeScript

There is a playground (testing environment) available, where you can build and verify macaroons online. You may use a Buffer object instead of string to create a macaroon. This yields in better performance.


  •    Javascript

Start karma test-runner and watch for changes. Run mocha in node environment.

fluent-behavior-tree - Typescript/Javascript behavior tree library with a fluent API

  •    TypeScript

JS/TS behaviour tree library with a fluent API. For a background and walk-through please see the accompanying article.

reblocks - React Components for Nano cryptocurrency (formerly RaiBlocks) - including Payments via Brainblocks

  •    TypeScript

Various React components for the Nano Cryptocurrency including a wrapper around the Brainblocks payment button that makes it simple to start taking Nano payments in React projects. Note: this package is built with TypeScript and already contains the relevant TypeScript type definitions.

wedgetail - Time your functions in your tests

  •    TypeScript

Wedgetail is a small performance tesing library that runs on NodeJS 9.5.0 and above. It's designed to be used inside your tests, to ensure your desired function is always as fast as you want it to be. Add wedgetail to your devDependencies.

JWTSimpleServer - A lightweight, dynamic jwt server for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

JWT Simple server arises from the need of having an ease-to-use JWT server in ASP.NET, avoiding the user all the ceremony configuration and providing additional features. Install the standard Nuget package into your ASP.NET Core application.

FireSQL - Query Firestore using SQL syntax

  •    TypeScript

FireSQL is a library built on top of the official Firebase SDK that allows you to query Cloud Firestore using SQL syntax. It's smart enough to issue the minimum amount of queries necessary to the Firestore servers in order to get the data that you request. On top of that, it offers some of the handy utilities that you're used to when using SQL, so that it can provide a better querying experience beyond what's offered by the native querying methods.

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