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DefinitelyTyped - The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

  •    TypeScript

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.Also see the definitelytyped.org website, although information in this README is more up-to-date.

typescript-definition-style-guide - Style guide for adding type definitions to my npm packages


Open an issue if anything is unclear or if you have ideas for other checklist items. Check out this example for how it should be done.

dts2as - Convert TypeScript definitions (d

  •    TypeScript

Note: This project is no longer under active development. Use at your own risk. A command line utility that converts TypeScript definitions (d.ts files) to ActionScript classes and interfaces and generates a SWC file. Use these SWCs with Apache FlexJS for strict compile-time type checking, as if the JavaScript library were written in ActionScript. You can add the SWCs to IDEs, like Visual Studio Code, Flash Builder, or IntelliJ IDEA, and you'll get helpful code suggestions as you type.

schema-dts - JSON-LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary

  •    TypeScript

JSON-LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary. schema-dts provides TypeScript definitions for Schema.org vocabulary in JSON-LD format. The typings are exposed as complete sets of discriminated type unions, allowing for easy completions and stricter validation.

ts-to-goog - A tool that converts TypeScript definitions into Closure Compiler externs.

  •    Clojure

A tool that converts TypeScript definitions into Closure Compiler externs. Consuming foreign JavaScript libraries became piece of cake with latest version of ClojureScript, but you have to still provide externs when compiling code in advanced mode. ClojureScript can infer a lot itself, but definitely not everything, which is the point where you have to write the externs manually.

dts-jest - A preprocessor for Jest to snapshot test TypeScript declaration (.d.ts) files

  •    TypeScript

This setup allow you to test files **/dts-jest/**/*.ts via dts-jest. The test cases must start with a comment @dts-jest, and the second line should be an expression that you want to test its type or value.

ts2pas - A node

  •    Pascal

A tool to convert TypeScript definition files to DWScript based Object Pascal headers. A lot of TypeScript definitions can be found at Definitely Typed. The Object Pascal output can be used in DWScript based compilers as can be found in Smart Mobile Studio or the DWSWebServer.

collectable - High-performance immutable data structures for modern JavaScript and TypeScript applications

  •    TypeScript

Note: This library is an ongoing work in progress. The data structures mentioned below are all working nicely, but will probably have additional methods introduced as time goes on, and there may be some breaking changes in future versions when work commences to iron out API inconsistencies between data structures. Documentation is also somewhat lacking and out of date, but take a look at the functions folder for each data structure package, which is almost as good as actual documentation, due to the one-operation-per-file policy, and the comprehensive TypeScript annotations. See the road map for information on further development and plans for additional features and data structures.