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tweetinvi - Tweetinvi, an intuitive Twitter C# library for the REST and Stream API

  •    CSharp

Tweetinvi is an intuitive .NET C# library to access the Twitter REST API. It is a .NETCore and Portable Class Library that can be used for development on Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Mono, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS. Tweetinvi is also compatible for Universal App development. Tweetinvi is developed for free. All donations are greatly appreciated.

starwars-dot-gif - Python script to generate gifs from star wars

  •    Python

Copy the contents of config.cfg.example into config.cfg and make sure to change the paths for VLC and the Star Wars episodes. Any format that can be read by VLC should be acceptable for the movies. Note, if you don't plan on running the twitter bot you only need to fill out the general section of the cfg file. The bot will tweet once every 15 minutes.

twitter_colormap_bot - A Twitter bot identifying matplotlib colormaps

  •    Jupyter

This is a bot that finds graphs on Twitter that use matplotlib's Jet colormap, and suggests their author to use the new Viridis colormap instead (which will be the new default). It is deployed as @colormap_bot.


  •    Python

This is seq2seq chatbot implementation. Most credit goes to 1228337123 and AvaisP. I'm just reimplmenting their work to have better understandings on seq2seq. This chat bot is optimized for Japanese. You may replace existing tokenizer with one for your language. Prepare train data.

love-a-paper - Twitter bot that tweets randomly selected papers from Papers We Love.

  •    Go

Icon from the Hawcons set by Yannick Lung. A twitter bot that tweets randomly selected papers from the Papers We Love repository. You can follow me @loveapaper.

likelo - Twitter auto like bot, Under Development👷, Pre Alpha

  •    Go

Note: You will need Go 1.7 or newer. While signed in under your Twitter account, visit https://apps.twitter.com. Click Create an application. Assign a name, description, and URL to the application. If you don't know the URL of your application yet, that's fine, you can change it later when you know (actually this is not required for likelo). Click the Yes, I agree check box, fill out the CAPTCHA, and click Create your Twitter application. Once the application has successfully created, visit the Settings tab for the application. Select the Read and Write radio button and click Update this Twitter application's settings. This sets the proper permissions for the application to query and post new tweets to the account. Visit the Keys and Access Tokens tab. Take note of the consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access secret — you'll need these for likelo bot. If the access token/secret are not shown, click Create my access token at the bottom of the page.

trovebuildabot - Build your own Trove collection Twitter bot.

  •    Python

If you're an organisation that contributes collection records to Trove you can use this code to build your own Twitter bot that responds to user queries and tweets random collection items. To set up your bot you need to create a Twitter account and then generate the necessary authentication keys for both Twitter and Trove.

everylotbot - Create Twitter bots that post Google Streetview pictures of a property database

  •    Python

This library supports a Twitter bot that posts Google Streetview pictures of every property in an SQLite database. Existing instances of the bot: @everylotnyc, @everylotchicago, @everylotsf and @everylotla. Since maps are instruments of power, these bots is a way of generating a tension between two different modes establishing power in urban space. Read more about that. Set up will be easier with at least a basic familiarity with the command line. A knowledge of GIS will be helpful.

coopboost - Grow your twitter audience.

  •    Javascript

Grow your twitter audience. Then, deploy by clicking the below button.

first-timers-only-bot - ① First timers only issue tweeting bot.

  •    Python

First timers only tweetbot. Tweets links to new first-timers-only issues on Github.

CreativeProgramming1 - An introductory course exploring the computer as a tool for creative making

  •    Processing

In this class, we will explore the computer as a tool capable of powerful creative possibility, not via pre-built software, but instead by writing code ourselves. We will look at the basic structures and affordances of code as inspiration for making artworks, as a tool capable of creating things that would be impossible by hand, and as a fallible system that encapsulates our cultural and personal biases. During the course of the semester, you’ll learn how to write code for a variety of visual projects including image, text, animation, and interaction. We’ll primarily be using the Processing platform, a toolkit created specifically for artists and designers built on the language Java, and a brief exploration of Python as a tool for building Twitter bots.

twitter-greet-followers-bot - A simple twitter bot to send your new followers a nice greeting message

  •    Javascript

A simple twitter bot to send your new followers a nice greeting message. If you do not have a heroku account, set one up and install the heroku cli .

100DaysOfCode-twitter-bot - Twitter bot for #100DaysOfCode

  •    Javascript

Helping developers who participate in #100DaysOfCode to engage on Twitter. This bot manipulates tweets and streams by connecting to the Twitter API via the twit npm package. Please refer to the twit documentation to make substantial changes.

hows-my-driving-dc - twitter bot for looking up traffic & parking violations in dc

  •    Javascript

Uses pupeteer(for interacting with the DMV form) and tesseract.js(for solving the captcha) on lambda. Curious how @howsmydrivingdc came to be? Here's a short story in the form of twitter screenshots.

twitter-bot-lib - 🤖 :hatched_chick: :books: Twitter Bot Node.js Library

  •    Javascript

This library (node module) provides api for include twitter-bot.js function in your application. This bot helps you increase the engagement of your Twitter profile through different social algorithms. Increase the likes on your tweets and followers. For advanced configuration see INSTALL.md.

double_pendulum - Animations of random double pendulums

  •    Python

The code behind @pendulum_bot Twitter bot which posts animations of a double pendulum released from a random position to swing for 30 seconds. The animation is saved as .mp4 video in animations subdirectory.

twitbot - 🦉Just a simple twitter bot for tipping in EOS

  •    Javascript

Copy twitter.yml.dist into twitter.yml and change your information. Under folder contracts/ you will find the contracts that the bot is using.

twittbot - An advanced Twitter bot.

  •    Ruby

Twittbot is the next generation of my old Twitter bot, twittbot-nd. random-reply is a template that accepts a configuration. You can configure it by editing ./etc/random_reply.yml with a text editor of your choice. And, if you want to, you can also change its behaviour by editing ./lib/random_reply.rb.

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