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evennia - Python MUD/MUX/MUSH/MU* development system

  •    Python

Evennia is a modern library for creating online multiplayer text games (MUD, MUSH, MUX, MUCK, MOO etc) in pure Python. It allows game creators to design and flesh out their ideas with great freedom. Evennia is made available under the very friendly BSD license. http://www.evennia.com is the main hub tracking all things Evennia.

klein - werkzeug + twisted.web

  •    Python

Klein is a micro-framework for developing production-ready web services with Python. It is 'micro' in that it has an incredibly small API similar to Bottle and Flask. It is not 'micro' in that it depends on things outside the standard library. This is primarily because it is built on widely used and well tested components like Werkzeug and Twisted. A Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface, and a glass Klein bottle looks like a twisted bottle or twisted flask. This, of course, made it too good of a pun to pass up.

GlobaLeaks - Free and Open Source Software Intended to Enable Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing Initiatives

  •    Python

GlobaLeaks is open-source / free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. For the user manual refer to the GlobaLeaks's User Manual.

eliot - Eliot: the logging system that tells you *why* it happened

  •    Python

Most logging systems tell you what happened in your application, whereas eliot also tells you why it happened. eliot is a Python logging system that outputs causal chains of actions: actions can spawn other actions, and eventually they either succeed or fail. The resulting logs tell you the story of what your software did: what happened, and what caused it.

HoneyPy - A low to medium interaction honeypot.

  •    Python

A low interaction honeypot with the capability to be more of a medium interaction honeypot. Feel free to follow the QuickStart Guide to dive in directly. The main documentation can be found at the HoneyPy Docs site.

requests-threads - 🎭 Twisted Deferred Thread backend for Requests.

  •    Python

This repo contains a Requests session that returns the amazing Twisted's awaitable Deferreds instead of Response objects.This example works on both Python 2 and Python 3.

txZMQ - ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted

  •    Python

txZMQ allows to integrate easily ØMQ sockets into Twisted event loop (reactor).txZMQ supports both CPython and PyPy and ØMQ library version 2.2.x or 3.2.x.

prometheus_async - Async helpers for prometheus_client.

  •    Python

prometheus_async adds support for asynchronous frameworks to the official Python client for the Prometheus metrics and monitoring system. Currently asyncio (Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6) and Twisted (Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, PyPy) are supported.

PyMoronBot - A modular IRC bot with extensive aliasing capabilities, written in Python.

  •    Python

A modular IRC bot with extensive aliasing capabilities, written in Python. Initially a language port/rewrite of MoronBot (C#), but now somewhat diverged.

python-slackrealtime - Python/Twisted client for the Slack Real-Time Messaging API (RTM)

  •    Python

Python library for the Slack Real-Time Messaging API. Requires Twisted and Autobahn. Currently a work in progress, not all of the protocol is implemented, and the behaviour of this library is not fully documented.

Melkweg - Project Melkweg is another secure proxy to bypass the firewall.

  •    Python

Project Melkweg is another secure proxy to bypass the firewall.

tubes - A series of tubes.

  •    Python

"Tubes" is a data-processing and flow-control engine for event-driven programs. Presently based primarily on Twisted, its core data structures are fairly framework-agnostic and could be repurposed to work with any event-driven container.

octothorpe - Asterisk Manager Interface library for Twisted

  •    Python

octothorpe is an Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) library for the Twisted engine. At the moment, octothorpe is still in development. Because of this, I cannot at this time offer API stability, but I intend to do this as it shapes up further.

girc - 💬 A simple chat client in Python/Twisted

  •    Python

A minimal chat client in Python/Twisted. Supported commands are join /j #channel and part /p. After configuration, you can run the client as a normal GUI application.

twisted-intro-cn - Twisted与异步编程入门

  •    HTML


twisted-honeypots - SSH, FTP and Telnet honeypots based on Twisted

  •    Shell

SSH, FTP and Telnet honeypot services based on the Twisted engine for Python 3. All credentials are stored on a local MySQL database. This will create easily (and painlessly) very good dictionaries to use for pentesting.

MockSSH - Mock an SSH server and define all commands it supports (Python, Twisted)

  •    Python

Mock an SSH server and all commands it supports. This project was developed to emulate operating systems behind SSH servers in order to test task automation without having access to the real servers.

sockjs-cyclone - SockJS server support for the Cyclone web server

  •    Python

SockJS-cyclone is a pure Python server implementation for the SockJS client library running on the Cyclone web server. SockJS-cyclone is released under the MIT license.

kubetop - A top(1)-like tool for Kubernetes.

  •    Python

kubetop is a top(1)-like tool for Kubernetes. kubetop uses the CalVer versioning convention. The first three segments of a kubetop version tell you the year (two digit), month, and day that version was released. The fourth segment of a kubetop version is a bugfix release counter. It is present if a new release is made that diffs from a previous release only by including one or more bug fixes. For each bug fix release, the fourth segment is incremented.

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