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Metadata Fetcher for TV Shows and Movies, to be used with XBMC/MediaBrowser. Its developed in Visual C# targeting .Net Framework 4.0.

Serie Counter


SeriesCounter makes it easier for people that watch series to keep track at what episode of a series they are. You'll no longer have to remember it yourself. It's developed in C# .NET 4.0 using VS 2010 Ultimate If you have any question or comment, feel free the giv...


  •    CSharp

Collection Management for TV Series and Anime.

Subtitles Matcher


WPF application using prism and MEF automaticlly find and download subtitles for you media file

OpenTheatre - Search movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from open directories

  •    CSharp

OpenTheatre is a program which allows users to search for Movies, TV Series, Anime, Subtitles, Torrents and Archives. The program communicates with its own API written entirely using our custom built command-line web crawler designed to scrape information from trusted files which are updated every day. The public web resources used are available on our open assets database, where anyone can contribute their open directories. OpenTheatre works to query movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from all around the web to provide you with the ultimate streaming experience.

OpenTheatre - Search movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents from open directories

  •    CSharp

OpenTheatre allows you to search for movies, series, anime, subtitles and torrents files available hosted all over the Internet found in open directories. We've gathered all the appropriate files out there so you don't have to. Created by a few friends who wanted to come up with something different.

MovieContentFilter - Watch movies with the freedom (not) to filter

  •    PHP

This project provides an open standard and shareable content under free licenses. There are some commercial offerings with similar goals. However, these services provide only proprietary filters and often they are not available worldwide.

addic7ed - Addic7ed API - Golang package for downloading the best tv-show subtitles from Addic7ed website

  •    Go

addic7ed is a Golang package to get subtitles from Addic7ed website. As Addic7ed website does not provide a proper API yet, this package uses search feature of website and scraps HTML results to build data. As any golang package, just download it with go get.

DroidShows - A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker

  •    Java

DroidShows: A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker This fork adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved interface, a menu overflow button, pinning, quick search and filters, a separate archive/backlog list, a last seen episodes log, swipe gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading. DroidShows only needs an internet connection when updating the show info or watching full-size posters.

awesome-time-travel - A curated list of awesome books, films and wherever about time travel.


A collection of books, comics, films and whatever about time travel. A collection of anime and animations about time travel.

RenameThemSubs - Rename multiple subtitles files to match video file names for automatic loading with just one click

  •    HTML

I compiled the python script using pyinstaller and converted it into a standalone windows executable(.exe). It is included in the repo's release. You download a TV show from torrent and find the suitable subtitle files from some website. Renaming every subtitle file to match the video file is a pain in the ass, isn't it? That's where this app comes in handy.

IT-films - :tv: A curated list of awesome films about IT & geek people.

  •    HTML

A curated list of awesome movies, documentaries and TV series about hackers, geeks and IT in common, sorted by IMDB rating. If you know some good films which do not contain in these lists just fork it and send a pull request. Your contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

AndroidTVMovieParadise - Movie Paradise is an Android TV app 📺

  •    Java

Android TV is a version of the Android operating system. It is developed by Google for soundbars, set-top boxes, digital media players, and TVs with native applications. It is a replacement for Google TV. The Android TV platform was first launched in June 2014.This platform has also been adopted as smart TV middleware by a company such as Sharp and Sony. Movie Paradise is an Android TV app. This app is working Android TV & Android STB.

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