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mlr - mlr: Machine Learning in R

  •    R

Please cite our JMLR paper [bibtex]. Some parts of the package were created as part of other publications. If you use these parts, please cite the relevant work appropriately. An overview of all mlr related publications can be found here.

SQL Server and SQL Azure Performance Testing: Enzo SQL Baseline


Run SQL statements in SQL Azure (or SQL Server) and capture performance metrics of your SQL statements (reads, writes, CPU...) against multiple databases. Run your statements in parallel, view performance results side-by-side and export to Excel for further analysis.

doc-sle - Official SUSE Linux Enterprise documentation


This is the source for the official SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE Leap documentation. Released versions of the SLE documentation are published at https://www.suse.com/documentation/, the openSUSE Leap documentation can be found at http://doc.opensuse.org/.

nginx-conf - Nginx configuration

  •    HTML

This is a fully developed Nginx configuration ready for deployment in production environments. It is pre-configured to be scalable, efficient, and reliable. @carlbennett wanted an nginx configuration that was both secure and modular enough that it could be put on any server, with minor tuning to just a few settings to make it work anywhere. And thus, this configuration was created.

postgresqltuner - Simple script to analyse your PostgreSQL database configuration, and give tuning advice

  •    Perl

If available postgresqltuner.pl will use standard PostgreSQL variables like PGHOST, PGPORT, PGDATABASE, PGUSERNAME, and password from ~/.pgpass file. When using it remotly, postgresqltuner.pl will use ssh to collect OS informations. You must configure ssh to connect to remote host with private key authentication.

apache2buddy - apache2buddy

  •    Perl

Best Practice is to check the code against either the md5sums or sha256sums (or both) before execution of the code. If the md5sums or sha256sums do not match, then changes have been made and its untested, so do not proceed until they match.

timescaledb-tune - A tool for tuning your TimescaleDB for better performance by adjusting settings to match your system's CPU and memory resources

  •    Go

timescaledb-tune is a program for tuning a TimescaleDB database to perform its best based on the host's resources such as memory and number of CPUs. It parses the existing postgresql.conf file to ensure that the TimescaleDB extension is appropriately installed and provides recommendations for memory, parallelism, WAL, and other settings. At the end, your postgresql.conf will be overwritten with the changes that you accepted from the prompts.

tpt-oracle - Tanel Poder's Troubleshooting & Performance Tools for Oracle databases

  •    PLSQL

These sqlplus scripts are for Oracle Database performance optimization & troubleshooting. Most of the scripts should be runnable directly from SQL Developer too.

saptune - Comprehensive system tuning management for SAP solutions

  •    Go

The utility adjusts system parameters such as kernel parameters and resource limits to allow running various SAP solutions at satisfactory performance. The utility is first made available on SP2 release of SLES4SAP 12, and it can be used in place of sapconf. The utility is not yet officially released for ordinary SLES, though it may also function on SLES.

mysql_tuning-cookbook - Chef cookbook to create MySQL configuraiton files better suited for your system

  •    Ruby

This Chef cookbook creates a generic MySQL server configuration, presumably more optimized for your current machine than the default configuration. Of course, depending on your application your requirements may change and MySQL is a really complex application. So, in some cases, this cookbook will not help you much. But hopefully may serve as a point of departure.

fm_tune - Calculate rough PPM estimate for SDR devices

  •    C

Gives a rough PPM estimation which can be used with something more precise like kalibrate-rtl. If the FM signal is clear (you can hear the station without static) the measurements should be repeatable to within 1ppm of each run. Radio stations do not necessarily have to keep a stable signal though and some transmitting error is allowed.

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