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howmanypeoplearearound - Count the number of people around you :family_man_man_boy: by monitoring wifi signals :satellite:

  •    Python

Count the number of people around you 👨‍👨‍👦 by monitoring wifi signals 📡.howmanypeoplearearound calculates the number of people in the vicinity using the approximate number of smartphones as a proxy (since ~70% of people have smartphones nowadays). A cellphone is determined to be in proximity to the computer based on sniffing WiFi probe requests. Possible uses of howmanypeoplearearound include: monitoring foot traffic in your house with Raspberry Pis, seeing if your roommates are home, etc.

Wireshark - Network Traffic Analyzer

  •    C

Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer, or "sniffer", for Linux, macOS, *BSD and other Unix and Unix-like operating systems and for Windows. It uses Qt, a graphical user interface library, and libpcap and npcap as packet capture and filtering libraries.

MalwareClassifier - Malware Classifier From Network Captures

  •    Python

Malware Classifier is a simple free software project done during an university workshop of 4 hours. The objective of the 4 hours workshop was to introduce network forensic and simple techniques to classify malware network capture (from their execution in a virtual machine). So the software was kept very simple while using and learning existing tools (networkx, redis and Gephi). You'll need of a set of network packet captures. In the workshop, we use a dataset with more than 5000 pcap files generated from the execution of malware in virtual machines.

potiron - Potiron - Normalize, Index and Visualize Network Capture

  •    Python

potiron is a tool to analyze a series of network capture (pcap) files, parse these with standard tools and normalize it in JSON format. Then the JSON format is imported into a Redis database to visualize the normalized information. The current version potiron supports ipsumdump and tshark.

node-tshark - Node wrapper around WireShark's tshark packet processor

  •    Javascript

Copy the wireshark-profiles/node-tshark directory to your Wireshark profiles directory (~/.wireshark/profiles).

wos - Monitor traffic for unencrypted data and display a dashboard.

  •    Javascript

Monitor traffic for unencrypted data (using tshark) and display a dashboard in terminal. You can simply just run wos command and it'll set up the options based on your current wifi connection.