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Typescript-Mocha-Istanbul-Boilerplate - An example node project to produce coverage of TypeScript sources using Mocha

  •    TypeScript

The coverage report shows the typescript (rather than transpiled) code. That is, sourcemaps are properly handled.

bazeltsc - TypeScript compiler that knows how to run as a Bazel "persistent worker"

  •    TypeScript

In our internal usage at Asana, using bazeltsc has led to roughly a 2x to 4x speedup in TypeScript compilation (the numbers are affected by a variety of factors). You will need to get bazeltsc into a place where Bazel can find it. One way to do this is by using Bazel's rules_nodejs; but you can do it any way you like.

vector2d - 2D Vector Library

  •    TypeScript

Detailed documentation is available here. This will produce vec2d.js and vec2d.min.js files in dist/ the folder of the repository that you can include via <script> tags.

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