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gulp-typescript - A TypeScript compiler for gulp with incremental compilation support.

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin for handling TypeScript compilation workflow. The plugin exposes TypeScript's compiler options to gulp using TypeScript API. Updating from version 2? See the breaking changes in version 3.

typescript-brunch - Adds TypeScript support to Brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds TypeScript support to Brunch.Install the plugin via NPM with npm install --save-dev typescript-brunch.

typestring - String-in/string-out TypeScript compiler front-end

  •    Javascript

typestring is a string-in/string-out TypeScript compiler front-end. This software is released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE.

Typescript-Mocha-Istanbul-Boilerplate - An example node project to produce coverage of TypeScript sources using Mocha

  •    TypeScript

The coverage report shows the typescript (rather than transpiled) code. That is, sourcemaps are properly handled.

bazeltsc - TypeScript compiler that knows how to run as a Bazel "persistent worker"

  •    TypeScript

In our internal usage at Asana, using bazeltsc has led to roughly a 2x to 4x speedup in TypeScript compilation (the numbers are affected by a variety of factors). You will need to get bazeltsc into a place where Bazel can find it. One way to do this is by using Bazel's rules_nodejs; but you can do it any way you like.

vector2d - 2D Vector Library

  •    TypeScript

Detailed documentation is available here. This will produce vec2d.js and vec2d.min.js files in dist/ the folder of the repository that you can include via <script> tags.

gulp-tsc - gulp.js plugin for compiling TypeScript files

  •    Javascript

The path to tsc command for compile. So, if you want to use other version of tsc command, you can add any version of typescript module to your project's dependecy.

wx-sdk-ts - Weixin SDK for Typescript

  •    Javascript

Wechat Javascript SDK with Typescript defination

jest-runner-tsc - 🃏A Jest runner for the TypeScript compiler

  •    Javascript

🃏A Jest runner for the TypeScript compiler

minstant - Performant time measuring in Rust

  •    Rust

A Rust library to measure time with high performance. The main purpose is to use TSC on x86 processors to measure time at high speed without losing much accuracy. If TSC is inaccessible (on non-x86 systems) or unreliable, it will fallback to coarse time.

assembler - Set of commands to build and serve AdonisJS projects, along with `make:` commands

  •    TypeScript

Assembler contains a set of core commands to build and serve the AdonisJS typescript project, along with scaffolding make commands.

require-ts - In memory typescript compiler with disk caching

  •    TypeScript

Require ts is a module similar to ts-node with a handful of differences. If we replace the function body of the example with the Typescript compiler API, the we basically get in-memory typescript compilation. However, there are many other things to manage.

tscns - A low overhead high precision nanosecond timestamp reader for Linux based on x86 TSC

  •    C++

Although current Linux systems are using VDSO for implementing clock_gettime/gettimeofday, they still have a nonnegligible overhead(usually more than 100 ns), and the latency is quite unstable(usually between 20 ~ 1000 ns) among different invocations in different frequency, and users have observed discrepant latency among different cpu cores under certain system configuration(e.g. isolcpus). Run test.cc to see how clock_gettime behaves on your machine. All of these are not good for recording nanosecond timestamps in time-critical tasks where latency of getting timestamp itself should be minimized, nor for benchmarking a general program where stable and reliable timestamp latency is expected.

tsc - Hyperledger TSC documents


This repo consists of documentation and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY-4.0), a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file. A rendered version of this website is probably what you want to see.

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