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angular-webpack-starter - A complete Angular 6 and Webpack 4 starter seed with minimal and full featured branches

  •    TypeScript

Featuring Material Design 2, Webpack (and Webpack DLL plugin for faster dev builds), HMR (Hot Module Replacement), @ngrx for state management and optional server-side rendering with Universal. Use yarn start for dev server. Default dev port is 3000.

zephyr - Tree shaking breeze for PureScript CoreFn AST

  •    Haskell

Experimental tree shaking tool for PureScript. zephyr reads corefn json representation from output directory, removes non transitive dependencies of entry points and dumps common js modules (or corefn representation) to dce-output directory.

Rocket.Chat.PWA.React - React Implementation of Rocket.Chat.PWA

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Below you will find some information on how to perform common tasks. You can find the most recent version of this guide here.

closure-webpack-plugin - Webpack Google Closure Compiler and Closure Library plugin -

  •    Javascript

This plugin supports the use of Google's Closure Tools with webpack. Closure-Compiler is a full optimizing compiler and transpiler. It offers unmatched optimizations, provides type checking and can easily target transpilation to different versions of ECMASCRIPT.

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