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laravel-nestedset - Effective tree structures in Laravel 4-5

  •    PHP

This is a Laravel 4-5 package for working with trees in relational databases. The nested set model is to number the nodes according to a tree traversal, which visits each node twice, assigning numbers in the order of visiting, and at both visits. This leaves two numbers for each node, which are stored as two attributes. Querying becomes inexpensive: hierarchy membership can be tested by comparing these numbers. Updating requires renumbering and is therefore expensive.

Pigo - Go implementation of Pico face detection library (Pico)

  •    Go

Pigo is a pure Go face detection library based on Pixel Intensity Comparison-based Object detection paper. The only existing solution for face detection in the Go ecosystem is using bindings to OpenCV, but installing OpenCV on various platforms is sometimes daunting. This library does not require any third party modules to be installed. However in case you wish to try the real time, webcam based face detection you might need to have Python2 and OpenCV installed, but the core API does not require any third party module or external dependency.

Algorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

  •    Ruby

This is repository of data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript and Ruby. Some of the algorithms are from Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell . Contributions are welcome! Please read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct on how to contribute. This project is Licensed under the MIT License.

exploretrees-sg - 🌳 Explore Trees in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

  •    Javascript

On 17 March 2018, National Parks Board launched an all-new web site called Trees.sg. On the next day, I started my journey in getting the data and visualizing it to my heart's content. All scripts for fetching and cleaning up data are in the scripts folder. Node.js and npm are required to run them.

node-tree-kill - kill trees of processes

  •    Javascript

Kill all processes in the process tree, including the root process. Run a callback when done killing the processes. Passes an error argument if there was an error.

django-treenode - Probably the best abstract model / admin for your tree based stuff.

  •    Python

Probably the best abstract model / admin for your tree based stuff. The TreeNodeModel abstract class adds many fields (prefixed with tn_ to prevent direct access) and public methods to your models.

Containers - A library of binary tree data structures (bstree, dstree, trie, crit-bit, PATRICIA) implemented in C

  •    C

This is a library of associative array data structures implemented as binary trees in C. Each have their own strengths and (dis)advantages.

treema - jQuery plugin that generates HTML interfaces to edit JSON data defined by json-schema.

  •    CoffeeScript

Treema is a jQuery plugin that builds interfaces for editing large, complex, well-defined JSON data. It runs on tv4, which implements JSON-Schema validation. Originally built for the CodeCombat editors.

metacoder - Parsing, Manipulation, and Visualization of Metabarcoding/Taxonomic data

  •    R

The function that simulates PCR requires primersearch from the EMBOSS tool kit to be installed. This is not an R package, so it is not automatically installed. Type ?primersearch after installing and loading metacoder for installation instructions. Many of these operations can be done using other packages like phyloseq, which also provides tools for diversity analysis. The main strength of metacoder is that its functions use the flexible data types defined by taxa, which has powerful parsing and subsetting abilities that take into account the hierarchical relationship between taxa and user-defined data. In general, metacoder and taxa are more of an abstracted tool kit, whereas phyloseq has more specialized functions for community diversity data, but they both can do similar things. I encourage you to try both to see which fits your needs and style best. You can also combine the two in a single analysis by converting between the two data types when needed.