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goproxy - Proxy is a high performance HTTP(S), websocket, TCP, UDP,Secure DNS, Socks5 proxy server implemented by golang

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Pull Request is welcomed. First, you need to clone the project to your account, and then modify the code on the dev branch. Finally, Pull Request to dev branch of goproxy project, and contribute code for efficiency. PR needs to explain what changes have been made and why you change them. This page is the v6.0 manual, and the other version of the manual can be checked by the following link.

httpsify - a transparent HTTPS termination proxy using letsencrypt with auto certification renewal

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A Let'sEncrypt based reverse proxy, that will automatically generate & renew valid ssl certs for your domains, it also enables the http/2 protocol by default, and uses roundrobin as an algorithm to loadbalance the incoming requests between multiple upstreams, as well as redirecting the traffic from http traffic to https just if you enabled the flag --redirect. As you see, the configuration file accepts a JSON object/hashmap of domain -> upstreams, and yes, it can loadbalance the requests between multiple upstreams using roundrobin algorithm.

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