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laravel-translatable - A Laravel package for multilingual models

  •    PHP

If you want to store translations of your models into the database, this package is for you. This is a Laravel package for translatable models. Its goal is to remove the complexity in retrieving and storing multilingual model instances. With this package you write less code, as the translations are being fetched/saved when you fetch/save your instance.

contributor_covenant - Pledge your respect and appreciation for contributors of all kinds to your open source project

  •    CSS

The most popular code of conduct for open source projects with over 40,000 adoptions. Please feel free to submit pull requests or open issues to improve the language of this document or to provide additional translations.

termit - Translations with speech synthesis in your terminal as a ruby gem

  •    Ruby

Termit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its node.js npm version normit.Idea by Nedomas. See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit. You can do this two ways: overriding the git command, and using a post-commit hook in git.

django-parler - Easily translate "cheese omelet" into "omelette au fromage".

  •    Python

Simple Django model translations without nasty hacks. See the documentation for more details.

ava-docs - Localized docs for AVA


We're happy to accept localizations for the AVA docs if you can commit to keeping it up to date. You'll be added to this repo and free to do any changes to your localization.

nodeguide.ru - nodeguide.ru

  •    CSS

Это исходный код, отвечающий за работу сайта http://nodeguide.ru.Первый отвечает за трансляцию исходных текстов из *.rst в *.json. Второй — за отображение json в HTML.

normit - Google Translate with speech synthesis in your terminal as a node package

  •    Javascript

Normit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its Ruby gem version termit.I am no shell ninja so if you know how to make it work in bash then please submit a PR.

webtranslateit - A CLI to sync locale files with webtranslateit.com.

  •    Ruby

wti lets you easily sync your language files with WebTranslateIt.com, a web-based tool to translation software. You will also need ruby to run wti. On Linux or a Mac, it’s already installed. Install RubyInstaller if you’re using Windows. See detailed installation instructions for Windows users.

mobx-input - Form library for MobX, with observable state and validations

  •    Javascript

Taken strong inspiration from: react-bootstrap-validation, but mobx-input depends just on validator.js(18kb minified). React, MobX and mobx-react are peerDependencies, assuming you are already using those anyway. Should be used instead of the original one for all the fields that need to be validated. All ValidatedInputs should have name property defined.

ts-translate - Translate, Interplate, format text into different localisations for React applications

  •    TypeScript

Helps you to translate text from messages object. Allows you to format numbers, dates, interpolate text to string templates, default text as key, scoping translations, putting it to React Redux application with Provider and decorator (same pattern as Redux is using). Also it supports connection to translation server with possibility to download translation on both server and browser side. Freeze translations with releases created in translation server. Also there is possibility of live updates of translations via Server Side Events.

polski-w-it - Słowniczek angielsko-polski w IT

  •    Python

Krótki słowniczek pojęć w języku angielskim z okolic programowania oraz ich polskich odpowiedników. Co prawda nikt z nas nie mówi rusztowanie sieciowe oparte o wstrzykiwanie ziaren czy ściana ognia. Ale już customowy header na requeście można śmiało zastąpić niestandardowym nagłówkiem żądania. Po prostu czasem istnieje poprawne, polskie sformułownanie i nie ma powodu, żeby kaleczyć język. Ograniczamy się do pojęć z zakresu programowania. Bez ironii, bez korpomowy. Zachęcam do współudziału (ang. contribution). Znaczy pull requestów, nie tłumacząc na siłę.

DoctrineTranslated - Translated strings for Doctrine

  •    PHP

This library is an alternative to the Translatable extension for Doctrine. The basic idea is to shift from "something that magically manages several versions of the same entity" to "my entity's field is an object that contains several translations".

eslint-plugin-i18n-json - Fully extendable eslint plugin for JSON i18n translation files.

  •    Javascript

Fully extendable eslint plugin for JSON i18n translation files. ability to ignore certain keys. Example: metadata keys, in progress translations, etc.

git-po-merge - A git merge driver for .PO files

  •    Shell

A git merge driver for repos with translations and i18n, the driver helps resolve .po file conflicts when merging or rebasing gettext catalogs. Git-po-merge requires msgcat, a tool included when installing gettext.

translala - Translation Toolbox for your Laravel/Symfony project (translate, stats, commons and dead translations reports, coverage, CI process)

  •    PHP

Your new toolbox to manage your (Symfony/Laravel/Other) projects translations. It provide commands to translate your missing translations, detect commons translations, report translations stats and detect dead translations. It can also be integrated in your CI process.

redux-i18n - A simple and powerful package for translate your react applications using react-redux.

  •    Javascript

redux-i18n is a simple yet powerful package to translate your react applications using react-redux. redux-i18n offers your app the t() function to translate literals.

mini_i18n - 🌐 Minimalistic I18n library for Ruby

  •    Ruby

MiniI18n is a simple and flexible Ruby Internationalization library. It supports localization, interpolations, pluralization, fallbacks, nested keys and more. Translations should be stored in YAML files and they will be loaded in an in-memory Hash.