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i18n-tasks - Manage translation and localization with static analysis, for Ruby i18n

  •    Ruby

i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. i18n-tasks can be used with any project using the ruby i18n gem (default in Rails).

Shuttle - String extraction, translation and export tools for the 21st century

  •    Ruby

Shuttle is a website allowing for the automatic extraction and reintegration of localizable strings in a code base. It also provides an API where articles can be submitted for translation and retrieved. In addition, it provides a workflow for translators and reviewers optimized for the efficient processing of many strings. Finally, for project managers, it provides a dashboard allowing them to view and manage the progress of a localization effort. Shuttle can be thought of as a Continuous Integration system for translations.

deep-translator - A flexible free and unlimited python tool to translate between different languages in a simple way using multiple translators

  •    Python

A flexible FREE and UNLIMITED tool to translate between different languages in a simple way using multiple translators. I needed to translate a text using python. It was hard to find a simple way to do it. There are other libraries that can be used for this task, but most of them are buggy, not free, limited, not supported anymore or complex to use.

mojito - An automation platform that enables continuous localization.

  •    Java

Mojito is a continuous localization platform. Rely on continuous integration to collect all of your software strings in one place. Check what products need localization in real time. Create and import translation packages with a single click. Search and edit translations across all products and languages! And if you have a small dedicated translation team, they can work directly in mojito.For full documentation, examples, and other information.

LiipTranslationBundle - Tools for translation management

  •    PHP

This bundle is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork it if needed. This Bundle provides various tools to ease translations management of a Sf2 app. Here is a small presentation of the bundle.

wp-loco - MIRROR of the official Loco Wordpress plugin "Loco Translate"

  •    PHP

Note that the actual name of the plugin is "loco-translate" not "wp-loco". It's renamed on Github to differentiate it as a WordPress plugin. Be sure to check out the latest version, replacing x.y.z in above example with the release number shown below.

strsync - NLP/ML-based Xcode localization resource manager built with Google Translator

  •    Python

The basic concept of this python CLI tool is straightforward file name based one-way synchronizer. If you are running, other localized resources will have the same key with automatically translated strings. Of course, string on the key that already exists will not be modified at all. Set your account and authentication credentials up with Google's guide for local envirnment.

react-intl-translations-manager - Manage all translations based on the extracted messages of the babel-plugin-react-intl

  •    Javascript

React-intl-translations-manager will help you in managing your translations. Hereby it will give you the current status of your translation, telling you what duplicate keys you have, what messages aren't translated yet, what messages were added/deleted since the last time you checked. You'll still need to update the translations manually in your json files, but now you know what messages you still need to update.

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