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sente - Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script

  •    Clojure

Sente is a small client+server library that makes it easy to build reliable, high-performance realtime web applications with Clojure + ClojureScript.Sen-te (先手) is a Japanese Go term used to describe a play with such an overwhelming follow-up that it demands an immediate response, leaving its player with the initiative.

piknik - Copy/paste anything over the network

  •    Go

Piknik seamlessly and securely transfers URLs, code snippets, documents, virtually anything between arbitrary hosts. No SSH needed, and hosts can sit behind NAT gateways, on different networks.

transitive.js - Transit data visualization

  •    Javascript

A Transitive map can be embedded as a freestanding web element or overlaid onto a Leaflet map using the Leaflet.TransitiveLayer plugin. Transitive is supported by the Mobility Lab Transit Tech Initiative. Read more in this Mobility Lab article.

FAPanels - FAPanels - Swift

  •    Swift

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks. Run carthage update to build the framework and drag the built FAPanels.framework into your Xcode project.

onebusaway-android - The official Android/Fire Phone app for OneBusAway

  •    Java

OneBusAway for Android automatically keeps track of your most used stops and routes, and allows you to put shortcuts on your phone's home screen for any stop or route you choose. Get early access to new OneBusAway Android versions, and help us squash bugs! See our Testing Guide for details.

node-gtfs - Import GTFS transit data into SQLite and query routes, stops, times, fares and more.

  •    Javascript

node-GTFS loads transit data in GTFS format into a SQLite database and provides some methods to query for agencies, routes, stops, times, fares, calendars and other GTFS data. It also offers spatial queries to find nearby stops, routes and agencies and can convert stops and shapes to geoJSON format. Additionally, this library can export data from the SQLite database back into GTFS (csv) format.

public-transit-tools - Tools for working with GTFS public transit data in ArcGIS

  •    Python

This project contains tools for working with public transit data in ArcGIS. Each folder contains a different tool with documentation. Find a bug or want to request a new feature? Please let us know by submitting an issue.

HART-GTFS-realtimeGenerator - Desktop application that retrieves AVL data from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)'s AVL system and produces Trip Updates and Vehicle Positions files in GTFS-realtime format

  •    Java

This project retrieves real-time transit data from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)'s OrbCAD Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system and formats the data into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)-realtime format. GTFS-realtime feeds can be consumed by applications such as OneBusAway and Google Transit to provide real-time transit data updates. We use the OneBusAway GTFS-realtime Exporter project to help produce and serve the GTFS-realtime feed.

gtfs-realtime-validator - Java-based tool that validates General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)-realtime feeds

  •    Java

Questions? You can open an issue, ask the GTFS Slack Group or reach out to the GTFS-realtime Google Group. Feel free to check it out, but just be aware that it may be unavailable at any time, or prone to hiccups.

cac-tripplanner - Clean Air Council Circuit Trip Planner and Travelshed

  •    Javascript

Note that if there is an existing build Graph.obj in otp_data, vagrant provisioning in development mode will not attempt to rebuild the graph, but will use the one already present.

MTAPI - JSON proxy server for the MTA's realtime New York City subway feed

  •    Python

MTAPI is a small HTTP server that converts the MTA's realtime subway feed from Protocol Buffers/GTFS to JSON. The app also adds caching and makes it possible to retrieve information by location and train line. This project is under active development and any part of the API may change. Feedback is very welcome.

bart - data pertaining to BART

  •    Javascript

data pertaining to BART

open-bus - Analysing Israel's public transport data

  •    Python

Open Bus is a project of The Public Knowledge Workshop. We use public data to improve bus service - and public transport in general - in Israel.

nepomuk - A public transit router for GTFS feeds (currently only static) written in modern c++

  •    C++

This project offers a library/bindings for running a transit service on GTFS feeds, implemented in modern C++. This project requires valid GTFS feeds to run. Use any of the many available GTFS validators to check if your GTFS dataset qualifies.

r5 - Rapid Realistic Routing on Real-world and Reimagined networks

  •    Java

Next-generation fast routing library for spatial analysis applications

commuter - Commute times on the command line!

  •    Go

Download the appropriate commuter binary from the Releases page. The first time you run commuter, you'll be prompted to provide a Google Maps API Key and default location.

transportation - node.js module to display and manipulate public transport data

  •    Javascript

transportation provides a binary transportation. It supports the following commands. By default multiple trips are simply newline-separated GeoJSON to support streaming. If you want to return a single JSON array use the --array flag. Additional options are available via transportation positions --help. The generated GeoJSON LineString has its time property set as an array of timestamps and is therefore compatible with tools like LeafletPlayback and others.

mta-gtfs - A node.js NYC MTA API library

  •    Protocol

For feed information, see http://datamine.mta.info/list-of-feeds. In order to use the MTA real-time APIs, you will need an MTA API key from here: http://datamine.mta.info/user/register.

bs-transit-js - Transit-js bindings Bucklescript

  •    OCaml

Make client-server communication great again. This repo provides rudimentary bindings to transit-js with Bucklescript, prototyped in under 15min. thanks to Bucklescript compiling at the speed of light.

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