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rigs-of-rods - Main development repository for Rigs of Rods soft-body physics simulator

  •    C++

Available commands depend on the vehicle you are in. For a graphical overview refer to doc/keysheet.pdf For an indepth view refer to $user/config/input.map Please note that certain vehicles come with their own specific commands not represented in the above sources. In this case see the vehicle's documentation or go to Menu -> Simulation -> Show vehicle description. Rigs is Rods can also be played with Gamepads, Joysticks, Wheels and other controllers, including support for Force Feedback. Rigs of Rods only comes with a very small selection of vehicles and terrains. For the best experience download some mods from the Rigs of Rods Mod Repository. The Showroom Subforum may contain additional content not found in the Mod Repository. If you want to get going quickly have a look at modpacks which can be found in the Mod Repository as well.

lines - :station: A simple clone of the Lines tube status app written in the Red Programming Language

  •    Red

A simple clone of the Lines tube status app written in the Red Programming Language. Once you have Red installed on your system clone this repo and head to the building section.

Logistic-Train-Network - Factorio mod adding logistic network for trains.

  •    Lua

Factorio mod adding "logistic-train-stops" acting as anchor points for building a train powered logistic network. It can handle multiple train configurations and will pick the best available train for a delivery. With Choumiko's RailTanker it will also deliver liquids.