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stagemonitor - an open source solution to application performance monitoring for java server applications

Stagemonitor is a Java monitoring agent that tightly integrates with time series databases like Elasticsearch, Graphite and InfluxDB to analyze graphed metrics and Kibana to analyze requests and call stacks. It includes preconfigured Grafana and Kibana dashboards that can be customized.If you encounter any issues or if you have a question, don't hesitate to create an issue.

Zipkin - Distributed Tracing System

Zipkin is a distributed tracing system that helps us gather timing data for all the disparate services at Twitter. It manages both the collection and lookup of this data through a Collector and a Query service.

Jaeger - Distributed Tracing System from Uber

Jaeger is Uber's distributed tracing system, used to monitor, profile, and troubleshoot microservices. It is compatible with OpenTracing and it is built in the style of Google’s Dapper.

NTrace - High Performance Tracing for .NET Applications

NTrace is a library that provides flexible, high-performance, and zero-config trace logging for your C# applications. NTrace is currently 100% C#.

SvcPerf - E2E ETW trace analysis tool

End-to-End ETW trace viewer for manifest based traces.

Essential Diagnostics

Using and extending System.Diagnostics trace logging. This project uses the inbuilt features of the System.Diagnostics namespace, and shows how logging and tracing can be integrated into a client application whilst taking advantage of the services exposed by System.Diagnostics.

TraceMyNet: a network tracing tool

TraceMyNet is a network tracing tool. It acts as a TCP socket proxy and allows you visualize network traffic, including local traffic that tools like netmon can't capture. It has support for SLL encrypted connections as well.

go-microservice-helpers - A collection of handy snippets that simplify creation of GRPC servers and clients

A collection of handy snippets that simplify creation of GRPC servers and clients. The provided helpers allow to create grpc endpoints with zipkin distributed tracing pre-configured; spawn http servers that serve both grpc and common http traffic; simplify golang crypto primitives to load EC keys.

goappmonitor - Golang application performance data monitoring.

Golang application performance data monitoring.GoAppMonitor is a library which provides a monitor on your golang applications. It contains system level based monitoring and business level monitoring(custom monitoring).Just add the repository into your apps and register what you want to monitoring.

capture-thread - Framework for loggers, tracers, and mockers in multithreaded C++ programs.

Framework for loggers, tracers, and mockers in multithreaded C++ programs.When developing C++ projects, instrumentation is frequently used to collect information from the system, inject information into the system, or both. The role of this information within the system rarely lines up with the actual structure of the project.

dd-trace-py - python trace client

Tracing client libraries will follow semver. While we are less than version 1.0, we'll increment the minor version number for backwards incompatible and significant changes. We'll increment the bugfix version for other changes.This library is in beta so please pin your version numbers and do phased rollouts.

go-os - A client library for Micro OS

Each package is backed by a Micro OS service. Packages can be used independently or with go-micro wrappers.

trace-srv - A distributed tracing service for microservices {dapper, zipkin, etc}

The trace server consumes messages from the broker topic micro.trace.span. Traces can be generated and sent with the go-os.

kamon-play - Kamon Play Framework Integration

The kamon-play module ships with bytecode instrumentation that brings automatic traces and segments management and automatic trace token propagation to your Play! applications. The details on what those features are about can be found in the base functionality documentation section. Here we will dig into the specific aspects of bringing support for them when using Play!.The kamon-play module requires you to start your application using the AspectJ Weaver Agent. Kamon will warn you at startup if you failed to do so.

node-comment-macros - JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code

Node / JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code.I wouldn't recommend this at the library level, normally even at the application level I wouldn't recommend it, but some of our projects require a lot of logging and metrics, so this helps cut the clutter.