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fusuma - Multitouch gestures with libinput dirver on X11, Linux

  •    Ruby

Fusuma is multitouch gesture recognizer. This gem makes your linux PC able to recognize swipes or pinchs and assign commands to them. 襖(Fusuma) means sliding door used to partition off rooms in a Japanese house.

AudioKitSynthOne - AudioKit Synth One: Open-Source iOS Synthesizer App

  •    Swift

We've open-sourced the code for this synthesizer so that everyone is able to make changes to the code, introduce new features, fix bugs, improve efficiency, and keep the synthesizer up-to-date with all new capabilities of the base operating system. If you're new to AudioKit, you can learn more: here. This code and app is made possible by all the contributors to AudioKit. Many of the features of Synth One are availble as modules in AudioKit, allowing you easy access to oscillators, filters, reverbs, effects, and other DSP processing: code here.

overscroll - Detect Mac touchpad overscroll on browsers

  •    Javascript

What it does: Overscroll detects when a user, using Apple's touchpad feature (Macbook Touchpad or Magic Touchpad), scrolls outside the bounds of a webpage. When they do Overscroll can fire a callback function in your application. It's extremely lightweight, has no dependencies, and is less than 400 bytes when minified. Check for open issues or add your own features by starting a pull request.

cAndroid - cAndroid is tool for control your PC by Android phone

  •    Java

"cAndroid" - Control via Android is tool for controlling PC with android device. This application has created by Sattar Hummatli to provide to the contest "Android Age" which hold by "Hackathon Azerbaijan". Application took third place on competition.

hw - Microcontroller and PC periphery and device drivers, e.g. TFT, Touch pad, SD card etc.

  •    C

This Hardware Library is written mainly for the Littlev Graphics Library. If you would like to create GUI for an embedded system you should visit its repository or website. There are drivers for different microcontroller families and even for PC. You can easily change between families by modifying a define in hw_conf.h because all drivers use the same API.

input-remote - Control your PC with your smartphone, a HID input sharing tool.

  •    CSharp

Control your PC with your smartphone, a HID input sharing tool. Simply download the latest relase, decompress and execute InputRemote.Client.Receiver.exe.

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