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TouchBreakout - Play Breakout game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 用 Touch Bar 在 Mac 上玩打砖块游戏

  •    Swift

Play Breakout Game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 😢The Apple Review teams said the original name TouchBreakout leverages the name 'Breakout', so when launching I have to change the name to TouchBrickout.

glowbear - add custom Touch Bar buttons on macOS MacBook Pro

  •    TypeScript

This is a tool for creating custom buttons to go on your MacBook Pro's touch bar (that glowy bar that hijacked the F-key row). It also supplies hotkey support so that you can map both a Touch Bar button and a hotkey. Create/edit your ~/.config/glowbear/glowbear.yaml file to contain the buttons and commands you want to run.

zsh-apple-touchbar - Make your touchbar more powerful.

  •    Ruby

Make your touchbar more powerful. You can define simple commands for FN keys in config.yml file.

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