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Kafdrop – Kafka Web UI

  •    Java

Kafdrop is a web UI for viewing Kafka topics and browsing consumer groups. The tool displays information such as brokers, topics, partitions, consumers, and lets you view messages.

wsify - Just a tiny, simple and real-time self-hosted pub/sub messaging service

  •    Go

I wanted to create a tiny solution that can replace pusher and similar services and learning more about the realtime world, so I dispatched this project.

mqtt-match - Match mqtt formatted topic strings

  •    Javascript

Match mqtt formatted topic strings to strings, e.g. foo/+ should match foo/bar.

hare - Wrapper around amqp that provides a chainable API.

  •    Javascript

Hare is a wrapper around amqp providing a cleaner chainable API for some of the common patterns. Worker queues allow you to ditribute messages to workers, where only one worker will recieve the message. Allowing for the distribution of resource intensive tasks across a worker pool.

serverless-plugin-lambda-dead-letter - serverless plugin that can configure a lambda with a dead letter queue or topic

  •    Javascript

A serverless plugin that can assign a DeadLetterConfig to a Lambda function and optionally create a new SQS queue or SNS Topic with a simple syntax. Failed asynchronous messages for Amazon Lambda can be be sent to an SQS queue or an SNS topic by setting the DeadLetterConfig. Lambda Dead Letter Queues are documented here.

hacker-news-digest - :newspaper: A responsive interface of Hacker News with summaries and illustrations

  •    Python

This service extracts summaries and illustrations from hacker news articles for people who want to get the most out of hacker news while cutting down the time spent on deciding which one to read and which to skip.

mqtt-pattern - Fast library for matching MQTT patterns with named wildcards

  •    Javascript

Validates whether topic fits the pattern. Ignores parameters. Traverses the pattern and attempts to fetch parameters from the topic. Useful if you know in advance that your topic will be valid and want to extract data. If the topic doesn't match, or the pattern doesn't contain named wildcards, returns an empty object. Do not use this for validation.

azure-service-bus-go - Golang library for Azure Service Bus -- https://aka.ms/azsb

  •    Go

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a reliable cloud messaging service (MaaS) which simplifies enterprise cloud messaging. It enables developers to build scalable cloud solutions and implement complex messaging workflows over an efficient binary protocol called AMQP. This library provides a simple interface for sending, receiving and managing Service Bus entities such as Queues, Topics and Subscriptions.

nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage - Allows you to define a custom homepage for NodeBB

  •    Javascript

Allows you to define a custom homepage for NodeBB. The default template comes with four widget areas (main, sidebar, header, footer). Or install via the Admin Control Panel and restart NodeBB.

nodebb-plugin-featured-threads - Featured Threads & Widget for NodeBB

  •    Smarty

Featured Threads & Widget for NodeBB. Allows admins to feature multiple threads and display on your NodeBB forum as a widget. Comes with two widgets, a 4x size for content widget areas (ex. custom homepage) and a 1x size for sidebar widget areas.

HackerQueue - Your favorite tech sites compiled down to topics you find interesting.

  •    Javascript

Your favorite tech sites compiled down to topics you find interesting. Scrapes HackerNews, Lobste.rs, and /r/programming and then compiles them into a searchable and viewable source.

go-topics - Latent Dirichlet Allocation

  •    Go

A very basic LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) implementation with some convenient utilities.

kafkactl - CLI for Apache Kafka Management -

  •    Go

kafkactl - CLI for Apache Kafka, Zookeeper and Burrow Management. kafkactl is actively developed with new features being added and tested. Thus, ongoing optimization and re-factoring will occur so ensure you are aware of the latest releases.

nodebb-plugin-events - Topic Events plugin for NodeBB

  •    Javascript

Catches events such as topic pinned/unpinned, locked/unlocked, and moved. Adds a small notification inline within the thread, with the moderator's picture, username, brief description of the event, and timestamp.

nodebb-plugin-topic-badges - NodeBB Topic Badges

  •    Javascript

NodeBB Topic Badges - Allows users to label a topic with a badge by prefixing their title in square brackets

ComputerVisionTopics - This repository contains several Computer Vision related topics

  •    Matlab

This repository contains several Computer Vision related topics

msgbus - A real-time message bus server and library written in Go with strong consistency and reliability guarantees

  •    Go

A real-time message bus server and library written in Go. You can use msgbus as a simple generic webhook. For example in my dockerfiles repo I have hooked up Prometheus's AlertManager to send alert notifications to an IRC channel using some simple shell scripts.

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