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CoderCalendar - Unmaintained -> Read Notice

  •    Javascript

This project is not actively maintained anymore. Development of the extensions (both firefox & chrome) has been moved to this new repository. Any issues relating to extensions should be posted in the new repo. Android App and browser extensions for competitive programming enthusiasts. Shows a list of live & upcoming coding contests taking place in various popular competitive programming websites with the facility to add them to your google calender. Currently shows updates from Codechef , HackerEarth , Hackerrank, Topcoder and Codeforces.

competitive-programming - My solutions for problems on several online judges, including UVa, TopCoder, ACM-ICPC, SPOJ, SPOJ Brasil, Timus, URI and even Project Euler

  •    C++

My solutions to many of the programming (Computer Science) problems on several online judges, including UVa, ACM/ICPC, TopCoder, Codeforces, URI, SPOJ and SPOJ Brasil. Preferably my solutions are written in C++. Whenever I find myself unable to solve some problem in plain C++, I switch to Java.

topcoder-react-utils - Topcoder collection of generic ReactJS components and utils

  •    Javascript

The Topcoder collection of generic ReactJS configurations, components and utilities to be shared between all internal and external ReactJS projects developed by the Topcoder community. CI/CD is set up with CircleCI 2.0 for this repo. A commit to any branch, beside master will trigger testing of the commited code (it will run $ npm test and ensures that it does not fail). A commit to the protected master branch (only organization members and repo admins can commit to master) will trigger the testing, and, if successful, release of the updated package to the NPM registry.

topcoder-react-lib - ReactJS library for Topcoder backend

  •    Javascript

The Topcoder lib for internal ReactJS projects. UNLICENSED — for internal Topcoder projects only.

vimcoder - The topcoder vim editor plug-in.

  •    Java

This plug-in makes it easy to use Vim as your text editor in the TopCoder Competition Arena. It aims to be minimal in comparison to other editors such as KawigiEdit or CodeProcessor plug-in chains while also providing enough functionality to also be useful. This software is licensed according to the terms and conditions of the BSD 2-Clause License. Please see the COPYING file for more information. This project is neither supported nor endorsed by TopCoder, Inc.

algo - Algorithms and Data structures

  •    Java

This repository is aimed to collect implementations of some of the popular algorithms and data structures.

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