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  •    Kotlin

After that pass an instance of the JellyListener and content view (the view which would be inserted to the toolbar) to the JellyToolbar. JellyToolbar has getToolbar() method to let you use all the methods of the standard Toolbar. To control the animation flow use collapse() and expand() methods.

Toolbar - Awesome autolayout Toolbar

  •    Swift

This toolbar is made with Autolayout. It works more interactively than UIToolbar. Height and Width of the Toolbar are determined automatically. Do not set frame.

AndroidNavigation - A library managing navigation, nested Fragment, StatusBar, Toolbar for Android

  •    Java

A library managing nested Fragment, translucent StatusBar and Toolbar for Android. You could use it as a single Activity Architecture Component.

prophiler - PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar (built for Phalcon)

  •    PHP

Generally it makes sense to initialize the profiler as soon as possible, to measure as much execution time as you can. You should initialize the profiler in your front-controller or the bootstrap file right after requiring the Composer autoloader. To visualize the profiling results, you have to initialize and render the Prophiler Toolbar. This component takes care for rendering all results of the profiler benchmarks and other data collectors. Put that at the end of the front-controller.

ToolStrip Customizer for .NET WinForms


Lightweight and easy to use tool designed to help you change look and feel of the .NET Framework ToolStrip controls: toolbars and menus.

Silverlight DataGridToolbar Control for OData, RIA Services and local data


The library contains three controls for Silverlight DataGrid. The first control works with OData(WCF Data Services), the second one works with RIA Services and the third one works with local data. It can be used to filter, remove, edit and insert data.

react-fixed - A lightweight component that sticks to the bottom of the window while scrolling

  •    Javascript

A lightweight component that sticks to the bottom of the window while scrolling. Neat for toolbars.

tool-bar - Package providing customisable toolbar for Atom

  •    CSS

This package provides extensible tool bar for Atom. Note: this package by itself adds an empty toolbar. To propagate it with icons you can install plugins.


  •    CoffeeScript

Simple tool bar using tool-bar package.

toolbarbutton-jplib - A toolbar button module for Jetpacks

  •    Javascript

The toolbarbutton module in this package allows one to easily create toolbar buttons with Mozilla's Add-on SDK.

Leaflet.toolbar - Flexible, extensible toolbars for Leaflet maps.

  •    Javascript

Leaflet.Toolbar provides flexible, extensible toolbar interfaces for Leaflet maps. View examples for control-style and popup-style toolbars using Leaflet.draw, as well as a minimal example. NOTE: If you want to use this library with Leaflet.draw, you should use the toolbars provided with leaflet-draw-toolbar.

SanSessionToolbar - :zap: Session Toolbar that can be applied into ZendDeveloperTools

  •    PHP

You can reload, clear, add, update, and remove your sessions data. This is README for version ^2.0 which only support ZF3 with php ^7.1.

express-debug - Debug toolbar middleware for developing applications in express (node.js)

  •    Javascript

express-debug is a development tool for express. It's simple middleware that injects useful debugging output into your html, in a non-obstructive way. It adds an 'EDT' tab to the right side of pages that, when clicked, displays info such as template variables (locals), current session, useful request data, and current template.